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Local tradespeople and on-site engineers should collect reviews from their customers because it will help their reputation, make them easier to find online and generates trusted word-of-mouth recommendations. But many tradespeople haven't had an easy way to get their customers to write reviews - until now.

Plumbers, builders, electricians., on-site engineers. They all have one thing in common, a difficulty in easily collecting reviews from their customers to get a better reputation on Google, and get more business in.

The main difficulty is that most tradespeople don't have an email address for their customers, and when they do they don't have the time to go through an email list and contact them all.

Most tradespeople have a mobile phone number for their customers so SMS review collection is certainly a possibility. But even though it's simple so set up and achieve, customers are busy people just like you, so you won'd get a review written from 100% of the people you contact.

Introducing the In-store app, designed specifically for tradespeople like you. By having a custom-designed app, you can collect reviews in-person while at the customer's site. Just hand them your phone, laptop or tablet, and they can write a review in a minute, while you wait.

It's a great way to get reviews quickly for your business. Call us today to talk to us about it, or tap the button at the top of this page and enter your details.

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