Every eCommerce business strategy should place the user experience at its core – and good customer service is a vital part of the process. Keep it simple, and centralised, with the REVIEWS.io and Gorgias integration feature.
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Gorgias is an innovative helpdesk application that enables online shopping sites to deliver effective consumer support. The great news is that you can now seamlessly integrate this platform with REVIEWS.io, taking customer service to a higher level.

But online shoppers don’t expect the same levels of service as they do in person, right? Spot on – they expect more. We buy online because it’s easy and instantaneous. And we expect the same convenient, prompt response to any issues we might face throughout our buyer journey. Thanks to our latest integration feature, your customer support teams can now handle service issues at speed without ever stepping foot outside of the Gorgias environment.

Improve Response Times to Reviews and Questions

Delayed response times are a huge source of friction for the online shopper. If they have a less than satisfactory experience, they expect their issues to be resolved efficiently in a quick time. Fail to provide this level of service and your customers are likely to look elsewhere next time around. Equally, if you don’t respond to customer questions with speed, you’re driving buyers towards your competition.

The REVIEWS.io and Gorgias integration enable your customer support teams to take immediate action against customer feedback and queries, all without leaving the helpdesk environment. Tickets are automatically raised against user-generated content, allowing you to follow up directly from your Gorgias dashboard without delay – removing unnecessary and potentially damaging friction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Through Proactive Service

User-generated reviews are one of the best marketing tools for online stores, but they’re also a fantastic way to improve your service delivery. Not every customer will leave you a five-star rating – you can’t please everyone all of the time. But it’s how you Handle Negative Reviews that matters.

Gorgias pulls all your customer data together to provide you with detailed buyer profiles. When integrated with REVIEWS.io, this means you have all the relevant information at your fingertips to proactively deal with any problems should a customer leave a negative review. The more effectively you’re able to handle issues, the greater the level of service, and the greater the level of customer satisfaction.

Boost Retention with A Better Customer Experience

For online retailers, customer retention is equally important, if not more so, than new business acquisition. Return customers are known to spend more on average per transaction than first time buyers, and consumer loyalty goes a long way to significantly boosting your bottom line. And since retention is heavily reliant on trust, don’t leave your reputation down to luck.

By combining REVIEWS.io and Gorgias, you benefit from the power of influential user-generated content, and a streamlined customer support process. Together, this improves both your reputation and the overall customer experience, creating a strong buyer-seller relationship and boosting retention rates.

Taking your customer service to the next level couldn’t be easier. If you’re already a REVIEWS.io client, simply head on over to our integration page. If you’re new to our services, you can try us out by creating a free trial account before choosing from one of our customisable packages. And of course, we’re always on hand should you have any questions. Just use the live chat feature to talk to a member of our team.

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