We are thrilled to announce a series of exciting updates to our WooCommerce plugin that will revolutionize the user experience and streamline the management of review widgets. With a focus on compatibility and enhanced functionality, our plugin now offers a modern interface within the WordPress dashboard, along with a range of customizable widgets designed to empower merchants.

We’ve got some exciting updates for customers who use WordPress for their website & WooCommerce as their preferred CMS to sell products through their online store.

What's even better? We've thoroughly tested our plugin with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress, so our customers can install it in their stores without any worries about compatibility issues.

Our latest updates improve the user experience for our customers by amending the layout of our platform interface, as seen within the WordPress dashboard. And, importantly, to introduce our modern widgets to the plugin.

WooCommerce Plugin Overview & Key Updates:

Here’s a walkthrough of the different sections we offer within the plugin and the updates we have made to make the customer experience more streamlined and user-friendly. 

First of all, it is always essential for users to Log In using the API credentials (found on the REVIEWS.io dashboard) that will give you access to the other headings. We’ve updated our system to automatically locate the region you are logging in from rather than it being a manual process.

Also, in the ‘Overall Statistics’ section, we've added additional information for users to quickly see stats regarding their Company Rating, Number of Company Reviews, Average Product Rating, and Number of Product Reviews.

We’ve also added an authentication and error handling section when users connect to their REVIEWS.io to the plugin, ensuring that users find the logging-in process more streamlined and secure.

Data Feeds 

Within this section, users can add their product catalog to pull through this specific data within a feed, for example, allowing merchants to turn their UGC into shoppable galleries. While this is not an update in itself, we have fixed a few bugs to ensure the updated plugin is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, which I will outline below.   

Customers can add WooCommerce SEO product identifiers within their product feed. 

Customers using REVIEWS.io’s Review Attributes can include product data within attributes, ensuring it is added to their product feed. Also, merchants can add the Review Attributes manually. The updates to this section include alleviating the process of adding or removing Review Attributes by making it easier to manage with tags instead of text areas.

We’ve enhanced the usability of the CSV format, it will look the same, but the functionality will be smoother. Here’s a brief outline of how the ‘Latest Orders’ CSV file works:

Merchants have the ability to download their most recent orders in CSV format, providing a convenient way to manage data feeds and connect them to REVIEWS.io widgets under a single heading.

REVIEWS.io's New Widgets

Once you’ve successfully logged into your REVIEWS.io account from the API settings section, you can now access all of REVIEWS.io's latest widgets straight within your WordPress account, meaning that users won’t need to navigate to the dashboard to add widgets to their website but will need to head to the REVIEWS.io Dashboard in case they want to customize the widgets further.

In the new REVIEWS.io Widgets tab, you'll find all of our REVIEWS.io widgets, including a section dedicated to Legacy widgets. These Legacy widgets are older review widgets that will be phased out in future updates. Instead of using and maintaining the style of these legacy widgets, we recommend transferring them to our newer widget options. For now, you can easily enable or disable these widgets right from this tab.

In line with our more modern widget selection, our widgets are up-to-date within the plugin and include the following: Product Reviews, Rating Snippets, Nuggets, Floating Widgets, UGC, Surveys, Rating Bar, and Carousel. 

Each widget comes with a setup that's similar to the REVIEWS.io Dashboard Widget Library section. You'll find a concise description along with an image displaying the widget in its standard format. It's designed to give you a clear idea of how the widget will look on your website.

With our latest plugin update, we've made it even more convenient for you. Now, when it comes to certain widgets, you can choose an existing widget style directly from WordPress. No need to go back to the REVIEWS.io Dashboard. Simply select your preferred widget style that you've created within the editor right from your WordPress account. It's all about streamlining the process for you!

These widgets include:  

  • Nuggets Widget
  • Floating Widget 
  • UGC Widget
  • Survey Widget
  • Rating Bar

In case you haven't selected or created any styles within the Dashboard editors, our system will automatically generate a default style for the mentioned widgets. We've enhanced the plugin to enable customers to view all the widget styles they've created using the REVIEWS.io dashboard editors directly within WordPress.

This means you don't have to leave WordPress to choose your preferred widget style. As a result, you have more control over the style you want to display on your site and can do so efficiently within a single platform.

Please note that this feature applies specifically to the following Widgets: Nuggets, Floating Widgets, UGC Widget, Surveys, and Rating Bar Widgets.

Whereas, when customers want to edit our Product Reviews or Carousel Widget, they will be directed to the REVIEWS.io Dashboard for further customization. This is where we have added WooCommerce as a plugin dropdown option for the platform choice, which allows customers to easily copy the code configuration from our dashboard into the plugin on WordPress.

Here’s what a Custom Product Review Widget Style code block looks like: 

We have simplified the process for merchants using our Survey widget. Now, customers can easily choose the custom campaign they want to display in the plugin.

And, for the REVIEWS.io Widgets that support shortcodes: Nuggets, UGC, Rating Bar & the Carousel Widget, we have created a shortcode editor allowing customers to easily implement these widgets into their website. 

This functionality is exclusively available for widgets that can be placed in different sections of merchants' websites. However, it's important to mention that the Product Rating Widget is an exception. It is specifically designed to appear beneath the corresponding product on the Product Detail Page (PDP) and cannot be embedded using shortcodes like the aforementioned widgets.

WooCommerce Plugin Updates: An Overview

To conclude, we are excited to introduce the updates to our WooCommerce plugin, bringing a more enhanced user experience to WordPress users utilizing WooCommerce for their online stores. 

With a streamlined interface, automatic region detection, additional statistics, and improved authentication, managing review widgets becomes even more seamless. These recent updates to our plugin allow easy access and customization of REVIEWS.io widgets within the WordPress account, empowering users to customize their review widgets efficiently. 

And finally, to reiterate, the updates to the plugin have been tested in line with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce to ensure that it is compatible. 

If you have any questions you have about our WooCommerce Plugin Updates, please be sure to contact our Customer Support team using the Live Chat function within the REVIEWS.io Dashboard. Or learn more about the plugin in our support article.

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