There’s been some innovative things going on behind the scenes at this quarter. We’ve introduced significant time savings to some of our existing tools, and put artificial intelligence to good use with a brand new feature that’s transforming sentiment analysis.
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We’re still exploring the potential of AI and how it can enhance your experience of the product, but we have to say our development team has worked wonders so far and we’re really excited about the value the new AI feature brings. 

We’re also pleased to add value with new Survey Templates and Attribute Presets, as well as updates for both Magento 2 and Shopify users.

Take a look at our Q3 development in more detail: 

Get Qualitative Data at Speed with AI Assistant and AI Reports

One of the key things we’ve focused on in Q3 is leveraging new technology to enhance your experience with Out of this came AI Assistant - a tool for extracting qualitative data from review content at speed

All you need to do is ask it a question, and it will deliver an answer in seconds. It’s a massive time saver, allowing you to uncover actionable insights at a much faster pace than manual review mining. These insights can help you identify trends, customer preferences, and areas for improvement in your products and services. 

You can also generate AI-driven reports on specific areas of your business. These reports make data easy to digest and share with relevant teams.

Save Time with Review Attribute Presets

If you’re already using Review Attributes, you’ll know what a valuable feature it is. These additional questions enable you to collect targeted zero-party data on your customers, products and company, directly through review invitations. 

What the updated feature does is give you access to a host of pre-set questions - over 1,300 of them in fact. 

These are arranged into industry specific categories - like Apparel and Fashion and Food and Drink - and include the most commonly collected attributes for each sector.

It’s another way of cutting down your workload while extracting more value from customer reviews. And when used in conjunction with AI Assistant, Review Attributes can be used to optimize seasonal campaigns like BFCM

Magento 2 Integration Update

If you’re running on Magento 2, our recent integration update has you covered when it comes to product variants.

First up, it helps ensure that product page URLs for variants are accurate - so Google can better index and rank your pages, and customers can easily find the specific products they’re after. 

Second, it makes your product listings look more professional by reducing the use of placeholder images, instead displaying the right image for each variant. 

It’s a small tweak with a big impact, ensuring your product pages are well optimized, easily navigable and visually appealing. 

Product Grouping Management Page for Shopify

The new product grouping management page for Shopify users simplifies the process of organizing your products and sharing relevant star ratings across related lines and variants.

You can now easily create product groups in your dash using your existing Shopify collections, and any new products you add to those collections will be automatically assigned to the corresponding product group. You can also customize your product grouping names.

For you, this means your product listings benefit from more trust signals. For your customers, it means more confidence in their purchase decisions. 

Pre-Made Templates in Survey Manager

Survey Manager allows you to collect zero-party data that you can then use to build a better business. What the introduction of pre-made templates does is make the whole process more efficient.

Instead of creating surveys from scratch, you can now choose a template that matches your goals, and customize it as you need.

These templates are thoughtfully designed to help you uncover valuable insights. Whether you want to measure customer satisfaction, product performance, or any other aspect of your business, they’ll help you gather relevant data.

UGC Galleries with Instagram Handles

With's latest update to UGC galleries, merchants now have an exciting new feature at their disposal. This enhancement allows merchants to proudly showcase their celebrity customers by displaying a prominent "as seen on" tag alongside their UGC gallery.

This tag not only adds a touch of prestige and credibility to their products but also offers valuable recognition to the celebrity or influencer who endorses their brand.

By making it easy for businesses to highlight these noteworthy partnerships, this feature not only boosts customer confidence but also expands the reach and influence of their products, creating a mutually beneficial situation for both merchants and their celebrity customers.  

How to Get the Best Out of

If you have any questions about using the product we’re always on hand to help. As your first stop, check out our new series of ‘How To’ videos - a collection of easy-to-follow, interactive guides where your friendly host Ellie Bradford talks you through the what’s and why’s of our key features. 

It’s all part of the brand-new look for the website.

Or if you prefer, you can read our guide on how to leverage the full potential of While you do, we’ll be working on updates for Q4 to make that potential even greater. Try our free 14-day trial today.

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