The results are in for G2’s Summer 2022 business software awards, and we’re thrilled to have won an incredible 15 badges across the Product Reviews and Online Reputation Management categories - all based on the first hand experience of users.
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As an independent technology marketplace, G2 ranks software products and vendors based on real world user data, which make its quarterly awards a real honour to receive.

What they show us is that both our service and solution hit the mark with the people that matter most - our customers. And this quarter we’ve not only held onto our number one ranking in almost all segments in the Product Reviews category, we’ve also been announced as winners in the Online Reputation Management category, and increased our review count on the G2 platform by 146%.

Our G2 Rankings for Product Reviews Software: Summer 2022

G2 defines product reviews software as a tool that enables eCommerce brands to develop their business through the collection and publication of verified product reviews. It states this type of software helps brands improve products and service, engage consumers, understand their behaviour, and enhance their shopping experience.

That’s exactly what we aim to do, so we’re immensely proud of our top performer status in the following:

#1 Product Reviews Implementation Index 

#1 Small-Business Implementation Index for Product Reviews 

#1 Mid-Market Implementation Index for Product Reviews 

#1 Relationship Index for Product Reviews

#1 Small-Business Relationship Index for Product Reviews

#1 Mid-Market Relationship Index for Product Reviews

#1 Results Index for Product Reviews

#1 Small-Business Results Index for Product Reviews

#1 Mid-Market Results Index for Product Reviews

#1 Usability Index for Product Reviews

#1 Small-Business Usability Index for Product Reviews

#1 Mid-Market Usability Index for Product Reviews

#1 Europe Regional Grid® Report for Product Reviews

We’re also immensely proud of the things we’ve been working on since these awards were handed out - things like the rollout of our brand new UGC Gallery and Publishing tool, our improved Review Attributes feature, and our updated Klaviyo integration.

We’re proud because these features really add to the power of product reviews, and along with our commitment to quality support, enable eCommerce brands to drive growth at scale.

Our G2 Ranking for Online Reputation Management Software: Summer 2022

Online reputation management software differs from product reviews software in that it enables the promotion of a brand (as opposed to the products it sells) across multiple channels, through the customer experience. In short, it gives businesses the tools they need to monitor and manage their reputation across the entire web.

For Summer 2022, has been listed as a high performer in:

Relationship Index for Online Reputation Management

Small-Business Relationship Index for Online Reputation Management

We’re really pleased to be acknowledged in the category, as our Reputation Management feature is pretty unique in the review space.

It allows you to easily monitor company reviews left on third-party websites, and then send a percentage of reviews collected through us to those websites - sites like Trustpilot, Facebook, Amazon and Google Local.

That means you can proactively manage your online reputation at every customer touchpoint. And at the same time, you can use our top performing solution to leverage the power of product reviews.

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