Got a review that just speaks volumes about your business? With Featured Reviews, you can pin any review from within your timeline to your Company Profile Page, and showcase your great customer feedback!

What are Featured Reviews?

We're always pushing the envelope to bring our clients the best in review technology, and Featured Reviews - free to all existing users - is a fantastic new feature we've added to the toolkit.

Featured Reviews - the ability to pin a favoured review to your profile - gives companies like yours the opportunity to instantly display the merits of your business, as soon as shoppers visit your Company Profile Page.

Adding a Featured Review to your Company Profile Page enables shoppers to view a snapshot of your excellence, emphasising qualities of your service you feel most strongly about, for you to display your business in the best light possible.

Featured Reviews are clearly labelled, leaving no confusion over their promotional quality.

Adding a Featured Review to your profile

Adding and changing your Featured Reviews couldn't be simpler. Choose a review you love/represents your company/makes you laugh, from within your Timeline and set it as a Featured Review using the pin option.

Navigate to Timeline >> select any review >> expand the pin in the top right corner of the review >> Set As Featured.

Once set, your Featured Review will appear within your Company Profile, allowing your business to shine. Looking to change your Featured Review or not have one at all? Select a new review and set it as your Featured Review, or simply select the current Featured Review, and unselect it to remove Featured Reviews from your profile.

What makes a good Featured Review?

There's no set-in-stone answer as to what the perfect Featured Review should look like, it's completely dependent on your business. But there are some qualities to keep an eye out for.

Make sure your review contains features that best encapsulate your business qualities: great service, quick delivery, supportive and efficient customer care. Or maybe a review that helps set you apart from your competitors. You could even choose quirky reviews to reflect your business' sense of humour and down to earth approach.

The sky really is the limit:

This review sings the company's praises from the rooftops - every aspect is covered.

Sometimes keeping it short and sweet can be the most effective way of getting your message across.

And this review puts ease, simplicity and perks at the forefront.

There's no limit to how many times you can change your Featured Reviews, but we advise displaying a new Featured Review once a month. Regularly changing your reviews not only helps your business promote yourself in the best possible way, but also highlights to shoppers you're active with their feedback.

Blog summary

Featured Reviews with  is a great addition to your review strategy, helping your business showcase your most valued customer feedback to cement yourself in shoppers minds.

To set a Featured Review now, access your reviews within your Timeline. We're always making additions to the platform, the majority of which are free to all current users, so watch this space for more fantastic features!

For more information about review collection, publication and management, visit our website, or talk to a member of our team today.

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