The roll out of our latest free upgrade is a review game changer. Our most powerful widget to date, it offers greater control, greater engagement, and greater insight for both you and your customers.
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The new widget lets you add review attributes as well as keep product reviews on brand with complete customisation and display conversion driving UGC on your landing and product pages.

Attributes also give you the information you need to build informed customer profiles. And with seamless Klaviyo integration, you can use that knowledge to segment more personalised and profitable marketing campaigns.

Adding product attributes into the widget was a clever way to build more trust and decrease returns, by giving users more information that matters to them.

Callum McKeefery, Founder & CEO

What is the new product widget?

As a universal free upgrade, the new product widget is available to all customers at no additional cost. And if you need us to, we’ll even take care of the installation for you:

  • Fully customisable - create a widget that perfectly matches your existing brand identity
  • No code needed - it’s user friendly and super simple to integrate into your site
  • Display customer questions - address the most commonly asked questions to give potential buyers the information they need
  • Include both product and customer attributes - help shoppers make the right choices with insightful review attributes. With additional details on things like size, fit and quality, they can be confident the product meets their needs.

We’re setting a new benchmark with all our widgets, ensuring they’re as easy for you to publish as it is for your customers to write a review. Our widget editor has been built from the ground up, designed to be used on our social proof editor, allowing you to fully customise the widget to suit your brand and address specific needs for your products.

How is it different from the original product widget?

The new and improved version offers a host of benefits over our original product widget:

  • It's designed for speed - the new widget is lightweight and quick to load. With a cleaner design, it’s 3x faster than our previous product widget.
  • It incorporates video reviews  - alongside text and photo, you can now share authentic video reviews, driving engagement and, bringing your products to life. Product reviews on Shopify and other eCommerce sites boost Google visibility, and our video review feature now lets you easily identify and share content from your biggest brand advocates.
  • It works with your social media platforms- you can now add Instagram images to your product pages in a matter of seconds.
  • Customer questions can be turned on and off - show or hide customer questions at the touch of a button.
  • It’s more insightful - the ability to include review attributes now means your customers (and you) are better informed. Understand your audience, and give them what they need to make well informed purchase decisions.

Product reviews are invaluable to many of our customers and our new widget is designed to make them even more so. Brands like VAAY rely on this kind of content to prove the effectiveness of their products and educate the consumer. Operating in a heavily regulated industry, VAAY are restricted on what they can say, but with product reviews, they're able to fill that gap using the voice of the customer.

We somehow need to start selling to get reviews, but without reviews it’s difficult to sell

Kevin, Head of Tech

How to set up the new product widget?

To get started, simply navigate to the widget library in your dashboard. Here you’ll find the new customisable product widget and everything it has to offer.

Edit your design and publishing preferences, include filters and subheadings for easy navigation, add photo and video galleries - essentially you have full control over how you want your widget to appear and what you want it to include.

As you edit, you get a real time view of how it will look, and once you're done, you’ll get automatically generated code to add to your site. You’ll also have the option to contact one of our developers if there’s something you're still not quite happy with.

And of course, for any help and advice on making the most of the new product widget, feel free to contact the team, or read our support article for more information.

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