would be nothing without its warriors. Today we're speaking to Lewis Finch, one of our Account Executives, to hear more about the role he plays in connecting companies to their customers through the power of online feedback.

Hey Lewis! Thanks for taking some time out of your calls to chat to us. Let's get straight to it: What's your story so far

I've been here 11 months now, so coming up on a year. Before this role, I was working both as a sales executive for The Times newspaper (don't ask) and as an office assistant in Knightsbridge. As I was setting up meetings for and bringing coffee to people running businesses and making six figures, I realised I wanted more. So I set out to find a job at a company where I could learn a lot and become an expert in a specific field. I happened upon and it seemed a perfect fit.  

As ambitious as ever, Lewis. You certainly found the right place - is all about evolving. How do you set yourself up for a day of learning and growth?

I'll wake up at 5:45 am, get my things ready for the day and be out of the house by 6:30. Then I head straight to the gym for about 90 minutes of heavy lifting. It takes care of both my physical and mental health and also gets me energised for the day. After a quick shower, it's straight to the office. I usually arrive around 5 mins early - just enough time to set up my laptop and whip up a nice cappuccino on our coffee machine.

Coffee in hand, I proceed into the realm of platform demos, introductory calls, and closing deals. I personally am a big fan of the latter.

After work, I'll spend a few hours on whatever side project I have on the go which normally involves a lot of reading and a laptop. Top secret stuff.


Sounds like a hectic day from start to finish! I'm guessing you enjoy working here then?

It's great, I love it here. My favourite thing is probably the autonomy we have, and also the leadership; both our CEO and COO are entrepreneurial so not only do I effectively have two mentors, but this mindset is echoed in the company culture. The result is that we all feel encouraged and appreciated, as opposed to other companies where I've felt a bit constricted and constrained. aligns near perfectly with my personal goals for development, so yeah, I'd say I'm pretty happy here.

It's certainly a really inspiring place to be. Could you tell us a bit more about that personal development? What are your goals for 2019?

I'm going to buy a diamond encrusted Rolex. No, I'm joking, of course, I'm not, that's ludicrous. This year I'm laying down the foundations that'll set me up for the future so I can buy 8. No, I'm joking again, that's way too many. Who needs 8 watches? I'm not an octopus. In all seriousness though, this year I'm an information sponge. I'm learning everything I possibly can to become the absolute best version of myself.

You're already pretty great Lewis, but we look forward to seeing you grow over the next year! And finally, the question on everyone's lips: why are reviews so important to you?

I read reviews all the time, especially for bigger purchases. For me personally, I like quality. If I'm going to spend a lot of money on something I like knowing it was well made and will last. I trust legitimate reviews from genuine customers a lot more than an item description.

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