The user experience has always been a top priority here at Our goal is to provide the most advanced product on the market, driven by intelligent features. And now, thanks to the power of AI, we’re able to offer you enhanced functionality for smarter and more effective review management. And the best part? You retain full control.
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We recently talked about AI generated content and its place in eCommerce marcomms - sharing our view that AI is an excellent complement to human creativity, with the capacity to enhance efficiency, drive creativity, and increase the personalization of customer interactions.

We’re also of the view that, when applied in the right way, AI can supercharge your review strategy - enabling you to harvest valuable insights from customer feedback, gain a competitive edge, and build stronger relationships with your target market.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of AI powered tools to enhance the value brings to your business, without sacrificing the authenticity and human touch that makes your brand unique.

AI Tools to Optimize Your Review Strategy

OpenAI Integration

As the collective mind behind ChatGPT (as well as other pioneering products like DALL-E and Whisper) OpenAI is a driving force in artificial intelligence. So it made sense for us to roll out an integration that allows you to leverage its bleeding edge technologies.

As with all our integrations, its capability is ever evolving. But key features to date include:

Reply with AI

The primary feature of our OpenAI integration is the use of ChatGPT to auto-generate review replies. When a review requires a response, you can now rely on ChatGPT to generate one with the simple click of a button.

The important part is that no automated response is published without your consent. You retain full control and can review, edit, or replace the AI-generated response as needed. This ensures that any published content aligns with your tone of voice.

Value added: enhancing response speed and efficiency without sacrificing authenticity

The advantage of Reply with AI is that it saves you time by providing helpful suggestions, leading to what we’ve discovered to be 10X faster review replies. And because you can tweak the content, you can make sure each response feels personal. As a result, customers receive quick and meaningful interactions, helping you boost trust and loyalty. 

AI Content Moderation 

While we already have a process for identifying profanity and hate speech in review content, context-specific issues can sometimes slip through the cracks. 

By analyzing the context in which certain words are used, AI can better identify things that might be offensive or inappropriate. If content contains potentially problematic language, it’s automatically flagged for moderation before the review gets published.

Value added: ensuring more accurate and context-specific content filtering

Inappropriate content might not crop up too often, but if and when it does you need a robust system to deal with it. AI content moderation goes beyond basic profanity detection with context aware analysis, helping you avoid material that could be offensive to your customers, and damaging to your brand. 

AI Assistant

This is our first in-house AI powered feature, and we’re really excited about its potential. Just like our OpenAI integration, we’ll be updating and advancing it as our developers find new ways to harness the technology. 

Here’s a look at the key features of AI Assistant so far:

AI Powered Review Mining

We’re big proponents of review mining. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s basically the process of analyzing customer feedback to see how you’re performing as a business, and how you can do better. It’s incredibly beneficial but incredibly labor intensive.

Instead of manually sifting through reviews, you can now ask the AI Assistant any question you want - like what’s damaging your online reputation, or what common pain points appear in customer reviews. The AI then rapidly processes your data and delivers detailed answers in seconds.

Value added: saving time and effort by automating review analysis for actionable insights

AI powered review mining is transformative for your business. With its rapid responses, AI Assistant helps you uncover key performance issues, pain points and recurring themes with incredible efficiency, giving you more time to turn those insights into profitable action. 

AI Insights

AI Insights lets you deep dive into business performance, analyzing vast amounts of review data to produce detailed reports at speed. You can set filters to focus on specific areas, and you’ll also be shown relevant reviews for context. 

But the real power lies in the practical suggestions that accompany these reports. You’ll see actionable recommendations for improving operations, services and products, all based on customer feedback.

Value added: a holistic, in-depth view of your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing what you do well and where you can improve is key to optimizing your growth strategy. AI Insights provides you with data driven intelligence so you can make informed decisions and enhance the customer experience.

AI Competitor Analysis

Along with deep diving into your own performance, you can also deep dive into the wider market thanks to AI powered competitor analysis.

When you generate an AI Insights report, you’ll see how certain aspects of your business - like delivery and customer service for example - stack up against those of your competitors, all based on customer sentiment gathered from across the web.

Value added: gaining an edge by understanding your position relative to your competitors.

Competitive intelligence is how you position yourself as the go to brand. With this feature, you can identify untapped opportunities, spot potential threats, and refine your strategies for a competitive advantage. 

Leverage AI at No Extra Cost

We see so much potential in AI technology that we want to make it accessible for everyone. That’s why we’ve made both the OpenAI integration and AI Assistant available across all our price plans at no additional cost (in fact Reply with AI is available for free to customers - try it out now).

We know AI is a controversial topic but you can rest assured we’ll only ever apply it to enhance our product, and always with our customers' needs as a priority. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new feature announcements as we continue to explore how AI can be leveraged for more effective review management. Harness the potential of our AI tools at no cost with our free trial.

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