Consumers across the globe are now shopping online more than ever before. For many of us, it’s currently our only option owing to the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. So, what does this mean for retailers?

Well, it means there’s an opportunity to grab a larger share of the market, and thanks to Google’s recent announcement, you’ll soon be able to list products on Google Shopping for free.

From the end of April, online retailers in the US will be able to take advantage of free product listings on Google Shopping, with the scheme being rolled out globally over the coming months.

If you’re already a Merchant Centre user with a registered product feed and have opted into surfaces across Google, you’re automatically eligible and there’s no action you need to take. If you need to sign up for surfaces across Google, you can do so from the Growth section of your navigation menu.

If you’re new to the service, you’ll need to sign up for the Google Merchant Centre and upload your product data by creating a product feed.  

Making the Most of Google’s Free Product Listings

If you’re an online retailer, these changes present a fantastic opportunity to expand your audience, build your online exposure, and generate revenue despite the trying circumstances of the current climate. But they also bring increased competition, so how do you ensure you stand out from the crowd?


Focus on Your Seller Rating

Now the cost of product listings has been removed, essentially levelling the playing field in terms of online visibility, your seller rating is more important than ever.

Just as with its Search Index, Google’s algorithms work to provide users with the best possible experience when using Google Shopping. This means it’s looking for trust signals that demonstrate your seller reputation. The better your rating, the more likely you are to appear higher up the list of results in response to any relevant search query.

Use A Google Licensed Partner for Review Collection

The easiest way to improve your seller rating is to run a review collection campaign through a Google Licensed partner, like Our solutions allow you to automate the process of requesting and publishing product reviews – reviews that automatically transfer to Google, meaning more stars and more online visibility.

Customisable email forms allow you to tailor your review requests to match your brand identity and are sent at a date set by you after the purchase of a product. This results in genuine, verified customer feedback that will greatly improve your Google Shopping presence.s

Harness the Power of SMS

As well as email requests, all price plans come inclusive of a set number of text invitations, allowing you to send review requests via SMS for free. This is proven to be 3x as effective as email requests. So, by using our SMS Quick Invites alongside a robust email strategy, you can boost your review request conversions, and subsequently your Google Shopping presence, even more.

A Success Story Amongst The Chaos

We’ve seen a lot of merchants hit hard over the past couple of months, and we’re continuing to explore new ways to improve our own service offering in response to the national crisis of COVID-19. And where our clients have thrived, we’re thrilled to be a part of their story. Most recently, we celebrated the success of Nursem and how their review collection has risen by more than 259%.

Looking to take full advantage of free Google product listings with a trusted review collection partner? Contact us today and find out how we can help your eCommerce store reach its full potential in the growing digital retail space.

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