Don't let your business fizzle this Bonfire Night, get reviews in all the places that matter and boost your local presence.

Bonfire Night - or Guy Fawkes Night - focuses on a sense of community. Friends and family come together in their gardens and neighbourhoods, or travel to a locally-hosted event to gather round a magnificent bonfire, setting fireworks off into the chilly night sky.

Bonfire Night has lost most of it's original meaning and is now an enjoyable commemorative social event, but what it still holds true is it's local energy. Your business should also focus on your local presence, where individuals look for the group consensus, and the impact it can have on your reputation online and offline.

Don't get burned

If you have a review strategy in place you'll know how essential reviews are in helping your business build trust, make valued improvements as well as improve your bottom line. However, review collection on one platform shouldn't be your only goal.

Over 73% of consumers trust a company with reviews on multiple sites, rather than one site alone. So where does that leave you? There are numerous places online your customers can leave reviews, and without management you could be neglecting how shoppers perceive your business.

When an individual searches for your business directly online, if you have a Google My Business Listing - which the vast majority of sensible businesses do - a Google Local listing may appear. This listing contains your location on a map, any relevant pictures, your business information such as opening times, phone number or web address, as well as your star rating.

Alongside your services, it's also likely that other sites where customers have left reviews for your business will also appear within that search, which also display an accompanying star rating. Your ratings in these places can be the deciding factor in whether that individual uses your business or a competitor, so why leave your reputation on the table?

Keeping on top of your reputation can feel like holding a match for too long. Without care and attention, it'll burn right down and the repercussions aren't pleasant. It's a fact of life not everyone will have an agreeable experience with your business, even though you do everything you can to offer a great service.

As mentioned, if you have a strategy in place, these issues can be resolved and negative reviews overall managed. But what about other local review sites? With numerous places online you'll end up with multiple matches, and it can start to become overwhelming. Eventually you have a powder keg on your hands.

Local review collection

At, you can take control of all your matches to stop getting burned in the future, and with notifications and alerts you can douse that powder keg to never let issues build up or escalate.

With our Local Review solution you can choose from a vast selection of local review sites that matter to your business, such as Google Local, Yelp, TripAdvisor and many more, to direct a percentage of your customers to leave reviews on.

A steady flow of reviews across your chosen location/s helps to not only boost the number of reviews you have there, but also populates that site with positive feedback. Shoppers eyes are drawn to businesses who have stars in local listings over competitors with few, or none at all, and over 70% of consumers trust reviews written in multiple places online rather than one platform alone.

All reviews left by customers directed to local review sites appear within your Reviews Timeline, enabling you to keep on top of your customer-generated feedback. You can even add one of our local review-friendly widgets to your website to dynamically display reviews collected on local sites, so wherever consumers look, they'll be able to see your fantastic reputation!


Local review collection enables you to enhance your online reputation across all corners of the web, and through easy review monitoring and management on the platform, no more low-burning matches.

With a sparkling and well-trusted online presence you'll start to see the benefits, leaving your business as bright and appealing as a fireworks display!

To find out more about how you can cement customer trust and manage your online reputation across local channels, visit our website or give one of our team a call.

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