Looking to boost the performance of your BigCommerce website? You can now easily collect and display valuable customer feedback and product review stars thanks to our latest integration feature release.
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At REVIEWS.io, we understand that user-generated content plays a vital role in any successful eCommerce strategy. Customer reviews and product ratings are highly influential landmarks in the buyers’ journey. That’s why REVIEWS.io integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms, which now includes BigCommerce.

There’s one very simple reason why every eCommerce store should collect product reviews – it’s good for business. They help establish you as a reputable trader, utilise consumer trust and loyalty, boost sales and drive business growth. They also bring a host of SEO benefits, placing you ahead of the competition in your product market.

So, what does our BigCommerce store integration involve? And how will it help power your eCommerce success?

Key Features & Benefits

Our latest integration feature allows you to add multiple BigCommerce accounts to a single Reviews collection plan, which you can activate and deactivate as and when you choose. But that’s a given, right? Let’s skip to the good stuff….

Boost Profits with Customer Review Automation

The main benefit of integrating your BigCommerce store with REVIEWS.io is that it allows you to boost your bottom line with minimal effort. It’s as simple as this – once a customer order has been processed and the product dispatched, a review invitation is automatically sent at a date set by you. That’s it. No manually chasing and handling feedback – just sit and watch the reviews pour in. As they do, your product reputation grows as does your customer base and, ultimately, your profits.

Increase Conversion Across Your Entire Product Catalogue

Working from SKU codes, our BigCommerce integration module imports your entire stock range. Our dynamic Product Review widgets then match specific feedback to each product page, offering your customers relevant and authentic social proof at the point of purchase. Most of us buy based on recommendation, and impartial reviews are the most powerful recommendations an eCommerce store can collect.

Backdate Your Review Collection

Wish you’d started reaping the benefits of customer feedback sooner? There’s no need to let your past success go to waste. With our BigCommerce integration, you can turn back the clock and ramp up your review collection strategy. Simply set a date for previously processed orders, invite past customers to submit their feedback, and get reviews rolling in from day one.

More Product Stars Means More Online Visibility

We’re a Google-licensed Review Partner, which means your stars don’t have to be confined to your BigCommerce site. They’re also transferable to Google Ads, organic search results, Google Shopping and Google Maps. This works wonders for SEO, and since increased online visibility helps you get found before your competition, it also works wonders for your turnover.

Want to stand out even more? You can also create eye-catching Social Proof images of your verified product reviews, seamlessly incorporating user-generated content into your social media marketing strategy.

How Does It Work?

Setting up our BigCommerce integration is easy. If you’re not already a Reviews.io customer simply create an account to get started with a free trial. Once the trial period is complete we have different plans available, all with optional bolt-on features, so you can create a tailor-made solution fit for purpose. Once you’re set-up, download the plugin from the BigCommerce App Store and connect your site via your Reviews.io dashboard.

Already a REVIEWS.io client? Head over to our integration page and start showcasing valuable user-generated content in a matter of clicks.

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