Customer data is everything in eCommerce but it's getting harder to acquire. That’s why we’ve introduced our Advanced Surveys feature - giving you greater access to the zero-party data you need to grow your business.
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Third-party data is on the way out. We’ve already seen major privacy moves from Apple, and whilst it's been subject to pushbacks, Google’s phase-out of third-party cookies is expected in 2024.

Sure, this presents some challenges if you’re a DTC brand, but it also brings opportunities. Instead of relying heavily on targeted ads, now’s your chance to drive reliable and sustainable growth through building better customer relationships, experiences and increased loyalty.

How? By focusing on the data customers are happy and willing to share - otherwise known as zero-party data.

We already encourage brands to collect zero-party data through review attributes, and now we’re offering another avenue with fully customizable post-purchase surveys.

Introducing the New and Improved Advanced Surveys Feature

Our original Surveys feature - launched late last year - already had decent functionality. It offered multiple question types and rating options, customizable widgets, even a screen capture and pen tool. It was also super lightweight with minimal impact on site speed.

Our advanced version builds on this functionality to give you more control and deliver more value. Here’s a look at the key updates:

More flexibility for survey design - you can now include multiple questions and different question types in a single survey. Choose from multiple choice, yes/no, numerically scaled and open ended formats, as well as various ratings options such as stars and emojis. 

Ask the questions that are important to your business - in any order you choose - and gain actionable first hand insights from your customers.

Shareable Survey Links - as well as using the on-site widgets, you can now generate shareable links for your post-purchase surveys. These can be sent via email or other marketing channels for a personalized approach.

When a customer clicks the link they’ll be directed to your unique collector page. This page is customizable, so you can keep your surveys on brand. 

Insights at a Glance - we’ve also rolled out a new Survey Insights tab which you’ll find in your dashboard. Here you can see all your live surveys and an easily digestible summary of all responses for each one.

This makes it easy to measure business performance and spot key trends over time. There’s also a timeline for individual responses which you can quickly sort by filtering for a specific question. 

Survey Session Analytics - the roll out of Advanced Surveys coincides with the launch of our brand new Sessions and Analytics tool. There’s a lot of use cases for this new tool, one being to track survey performance.

By recording survey sessions, you can collect data on things like question skips and abandon rates, and then use that information to improve survey design. 

On top of all this, we’ve made every element of the feature more responsive so you can build, distribute and interpret post-purchase surveys at speed - giving you more time to turn insights into action.

How to Use Zero-Party Data from Post-Purchase Surveys

When you really think about it, zero-party data is way more valuable than its third-party counterpart. The latter might make targeted advertising easier, but the former has so many use cases:

Personalize your marketing efforts - use zero-party data from surveys to segment your customers and create targeted campaigns that speak directly to their needs and preferences. 

Improve the customer experience - identify and fix points of friction in the purchase process, like product discovery, page design and checkout.

Attribute store traffic - find out which channels drive the most traffic to your store, like social media, Google Ads or referrals, then shift your marketing to suit. 

Build customer loyalty - collect zero-party data to identify return customers and potential brand advocates, then engage them with a loyalty program or referral campaign.

There’s so many options here to cater for every business objective, and our Advanced Surveys feature supports them all.  

Get Ahead of the Data Game with

Don’t wait for the third-party cookie phase out. Start collecting zero-party data today through post-purchase surveys, you can trial for free today! If you are already a customer simply log into your dashboard and head to the Surveys tab to get going.

It’ll put you way ahead of the competition when it comes to understanding your customers and how to keep them loyal to your brand. 

If you’ve got any questions about the updated feature, want help setting it up, or even help designing a survey that gives you the data you need, contact your Customer Success rep for support.

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