Hot on the heels of our big Google Review Retargeting announcement last week, we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting Beta testers for our "Facebook Reviews Retargeting Ads".
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Our latest tool helps you turn your genuine, verified reviews into beautifully designed Facebook Ads.

How Are Facebook Review Retargeting Ads Used?

These ads are extremely easy to create and are a super effective way of using your reviews to help to re-engage your potential customers. We like to think of these ads as word of mouth marketing on steroids.

These highly targeted adverts are displayed to your potential customers based solely on the actions they have taken on your site, for example if they have visited your checkout or delivery pages. There is no doubt that Facebook Ads have completely changed the way we advertise on the social media platform. However, they are massively difficult to implement and it's quite a task to generate a unique piece of content for each individual advertisement.

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What Are Facebook Reviews Retargeting Ads?

The solution to this problem is to insert user generated review content directly into your Facebook advertising strategy. Lets say a customer visits your online store and views a product, but unfortunately isn’t ready to buy.  Facebook Review Retargeting Adverts put your products and brand back to the forefront of the customer’s mind. Turning THE customer into YOUR customer has never been easier.

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These ads give your previous visitors a glance at what genuine, verified customers have to say about their purchases.

By harnessing the power of peer reviews and the accuracy of Facebook targeting, Reviews is providing you with an enormous opportunity to promote repeat custom and bring in new audiences from far and wide.

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Our latest tool allows our clients to create these adverts directly within our client dashboard, in seconds.


How To Easily Engage With Shoppers Using Mobile Retargeting?

With almost everyone owning a mobile device, it is more important than ever to ensure that your shoppers have a consistent experience across all internet enabled devices. Facebook Reviews Retargeting Ads, on mobile phones and tablets, can enable up to a 50% increase in ad visibility. Our marketing solution ensures coordinated messaging as your shoppers switch between devices.

Create an account to start using Facebook reviews retargeting ads or if you want to find out more contact customer support via live chat .

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