Selling on the second largest eCommerce marketplace just became more profitable with our Walmart partnership. Syndicate reviews collected through to enhance product listings and generate more sales with influential UGC.

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More trust + more visibility = more revenue. That’s essentially what our Walmart syndication partnership is all about (with the added bonus of maximizing your investment in our solution). 

That’s because all the ratings and reviews you collect through from native sales can now be synced with your Walmart product catalog, and republished to enhance your PDPs on the retail giant. 

It’s a major update for any brands selling - or looking to sell - through the Walmart marketplace, with a host of growth driving benefits. 

'We're super excited to be able to give our customers the chance to stand out on with the syndication of their reviews. Now brands who have put in the work to collect reviews with will be rewarded on another platform that's experiencing rapid growth'

Callum Mckeefery - CEO,

6 Benefits of Walmart Review Syndication

When you start selling on you face a bit of a catch-22. You need to sell products to generate reviews, but you really need reviews to encourage sales. And if you’re already managing your own store, it takes a lot of time and effort to run two separate review strategies.

Syndication solves this problem. The bonus is you can use existing content collected through to kickstart the process and start seeing the benefits straight away: 

1. More buyer trust

we all know the importance of reviews when it comes to building trust, and the more competition you face the more important trust becomes. 

With over 75 million products listed on, the ones that see the highest volume of sales will be those endorsed by customers themselves through product ratings and reviews

2. Higher rankings in product search

reviews are a major ranking factor within Walmart search. The more quality content you publish, the more it will promote you above competitor products with fewer reviews.

3. Increased brand awareness

it’s likely you’re selling more than one product on, so whilst reviews can be used to support a single listing, they’re also an opportunity to share positive sentiment around your brand as a whole.

If a customer gets good vibes from what they see on a product page, they’re more likely to explore what else you have to offer.

4. Pro seller status

Walmart awards its Pro Seller Badge to the top performers on the marketplace, adding another visible mark of trust for these brands. Performance is measured through a range of key indicators, with product ratings and reviews a contributing factor.

With review syndication, you can quickly get one step closer to Pro Seller status.

5. More value from your UGC

A good review strategy generates a high volume of authentic, engaging and persuasive content. A great review strategy ensures that content is seen by as many potential customers as possible. 

That’s exactly what Walmart syndication does. It takes every piece of UGC and multiplies its value through wider distribution.    

6. Higher revenue

The biggest benefit of review syndication is simple. Trust, visibility and brand awareness ultimately lead to more sales, which means more revenue for your business.

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Walmart syndication is available to customers on the Growth plan or above.

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