We've added Zendesk support to REVIEWS.io, meaning you can now manage and respond to your store reviews without leaving Zendesk.
Please Note:
Account details may vary. The feature is now part of the subscription

By including Zendesk in the list of our supported platforms, we're giving our customers the opportunity to add review management to their own ticket-creation system in Zendesk.  Treat reviews like any other support or customer service ticket, and reply in good time to any incoming reviews.

For any incoming reviews, a ticket is created allowing you to keep your current customer service and support workflow by responding right from within Zendesk.  Of course, you still have the option to manage your reviews in the REVIEWS.io dashboard (and for product reviews, you'll still need to take action there).

Zendesk integration is for Store/Company reviews only, it is not possible to implement product reviews into Zendesk at this time.

You can see all incoming reviews in Zendesk, including those from linked third-party sources such as Google Maps, Yelp, Yell, Tripadvisor and any of the other third party platforms we support.


You'll need a Professional Zendesk account and the Growing Business REVIEWS.io plan to take advantage of this great new feature.

To get started, follow our guide over on our support website, or grab us on Live Chat over on our main website to talk about it.

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