We're expanding!REVIEWS.io may have begun its journey in little old Leicester, but just like our football team, we always planned to make it to the big leagues. In 2016 we opened our offices in Irvine, US, and after unprecedented growth last year, we're now Australia-bound.
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May sees the opening of our Sydney offices, where we're headed armed with bags of new tech and enough optimism to fill the harbour. We're extremely excited to get stuck in and make a name for ourselves across the pond. I spoke to our COO Tom to get the low-down on the move.

So Tom, why Sydney?

"We chose Australia as our third destination to enable us to cover all time zones.Unlike the US and us here in the U.K, E-commerce is still a relatively new phenomenon for Aus - Amazon only arrived in 2018. There's a real buzz in the industry at the moment, with lots of fast-growing businesses trying to make their way in the online marketplace. As we all know, online reputation is key to facilitating this success, so there's a tonne of opportunity for Reviews.io to make its mark."

"Our offices in Pyrmont will see us surrounded by like-minded business people - the perfect hub for recruiting great talent and networking. Sydney has a huge global presence and its ambitious and exciting environment is very much in line with the Reviews.io Culture."

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It sure does sound exciting! We can't wait for our first visit. But until then, what can we expect to see over the next 6 months?

"Well, we have pretty big plans. We've been preparing for the Sydney launch since August 2018, and aim to have 15 in the team by the end of this year."

"In order to accomplish all this, our Head Of Sales in the US, Kehan Vale, will be heading over from California later this month to get the ball rolling. Early June will see our first Customer Success Executive starting to support new and existing clients. Following this, we'll be getting some Marketing and Enterprise sales professionals on board and finally our Partnerships Team to complete the pack."

Wow. I think it's fair to say you're going to have a lot on your plate over these next few months Tom! What are you most looking forward to

"Growing. We've had huge success in California and repeating that same performance in Sydney is really exciting for us all."

"We're like a big family here at Reviews.io - even across countries the team integrates. I know that introducing new talent and getting new clients on board is something we all look forward to and we've certainly got a lot of that to come in Sydney."


I couldn't agree more. Whilst we're all very excited for you, you'll definitely be missed. What will you miss most about the U.K? hint hint

"I really will miss the great team that I work with in the Leicester office. The pressure is now on to recruit a similar bunch of creative, enthusiastic and determined individuals for our Sydney office."

"As a family, we'll obviously miss our friends and relatives at home, but the Aussies seem like a friendly bunch and we're confident we'll feel at home in no time. Oh, and of course, there's the Leicester City matches, Walkers crisps and a proper cup of Yorkshire tea!"

We are now actively recruiting for positions in our Sydney office. If you think you'd be a great addition to our team and are interested in hearing more about our Australian adventure, please get in touch.

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