If you search for products on Google today then you'll start to see more information appearing in Google Ads related to reviews, seller ratings and additional metrics.

Google has rolled out an update to their Seller Ratings extensions giving customers far more information related to service and delivery. Google Seller Ratings have traditionally always shown a star rating next to paid search results, but now also show the total number of reviews collected and additional information related to delivery times and returns policy.

This is a great step forward by Google because by showcasing customer service metrics right in Google Ads, consumers are given even more information in advance of clicking through to a retailer's website.

By showing review totals, consumers can base their expectations on a wider range of data. For example, customers may be more inclined to visit a website with five thousand 4-5 star reviews over a site with just ten 4-5 star reviews. They'll also be more inclined to give more weight to those companies with more reviews.

Also, by including delivery and returns information right in the Google Ad, consumers can get quick access to this information without needing to trawl through the company's Ts&Cs and delivery information pages. This benefits retailers because customers can now concentrate on shopping rather than getting bogged down in details - meaning more time on more relevant product pages on retailer's sites.

This is an exciting update by Google and shows that more companies are taking note not just of a review rating, but also a whole range of merchant metrics.

REVIEWS.io has been offering Merchant Metrics data for a few months now containing exactly this sort of information, available on company profile pages as follows:-

It's good that Google is also starting to show this information, and it just cements our belief that getting more information to consumers benefits everyone. For more information about Merchant Metrics, sign up to a free demo or just speak to us on our Live Chat function and we'll answer your questions.

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