It may be the way of our ‘new normal’, but eCommerce is not the same as high street retail. The lack of physical interaction means buyers are often playing a guessing game with their purchases. So how do you improve the online shopping experience? Not just for the consumer, but for you as a business?
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That’s exactly what cycling apparel brand, MAAP, wanted to achieve. So we extended the way you ask customers to leave a review, by introducing reviewer attributes- specific questions that give real consumer insight and result in feedback rich in detail.

Why Add Reviewer Attributes to The Review Collector

When buying online, customers lose out on tangibility. They can’t pick things up, try them on or test them out. Whilst UGC like video review content gives a trustworthy opinion and sparks desire by showing how a product fits into their lives, it doesn’t give the finer details needed to make fully informed purchase decisions.

That’s where reviewer attributes come in. By rating specifics like fit, comfort and quality, instead of just their overall experience, past customers give shoppers far greater insight into a product and whether or not it’s right for them.

Not only that, reviewer attributes give you as a business the tools you need to improve your products or service.

Quality socks, great design. L/XL fits me well (US Men size 9).

Verified buyer
Product review by MAAP customer

Benefits of Reviewer Attributes

With every new feature release and upgrade, looks to benefit all end users, and that means both our customer and yours.

For your business:

  • You’ll get a better understanding of your products from a customer point of view. Instead of just an overall rating, you’ll get a breakdown of strengths and weaknesses. An item might be a perfect fit, but it’s comfort may not live up to expectations. Reviewer attributes can tell you this.
  • As well as product specific ratings, you can also collect valuable customer details, like height, age range, body type. Over time, this will help you build a more accurate customer profile and target those most likely to have an interest in what you sell.
  • In knowing your customers better, and how they rate certain aspects of your products, you have an opportunity for business growth. You can send more relevant recommendations and use customer insight to drive product development.

For your customers:

  • Since they have more detailed information on a product, and from a source they trust, customers are more likely to make the right purchase decisions. That’s also a win for you, as it means fewer returns or exchanges.
  • Consumers use reviews in general to get an overall picture of your business, both the good and the bad. It’s why they’re far more likely to filter their search to one star reviews. They want to be sure they’re spending their money in the right place. Reviewer attributes give that extra level of detail that prove you can be trusted.
Best service and very fast shipping!!!

Verified buyer
Review by MAAP customer

The Importance of Reviewer Attributes

The way we shop has changed. The ongoing global pandemic has shifted our habits online, and since it’s no longer easy for us to experience products first hand before we buy, customer reviews have never been so important.  

Reviewer attributes give that deeper level of understanding, helping buyers decide if a product really suits their individual needs. They go some way to compensate for the loss of the physical shopping experience.

And for eCommerce store owners, the new online world offers potential for exceptional growth. The best way to make the most of this opportunity is to listen to your customers and work to give them exactly what they’re looking for. Reviewer attributes give you the chance to do just that.


For brands like MAAP, reviewer attributes is a crucial part of the review process. Its product development is rooted in innovation and aims to enhance both cycling performance and experience.

Understanding exactly how its products are received allows MAAP to improve based on consumer demand.Reviewer attributes also help MAAP’s customers refine their search based on specific individual needs.

All in all, review collection with added attributes makes for a better business, better service and better customer satisfaction.

Start collection reviews attributes and gain an insight into how your products perform.

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