Rewards equal loyalty. And loyalty makes for good business. That’s why we’ve introduced review rewards programmes with two of the most popular online loyalty platforms – and LoyaltyLion.
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If you’re operating in the world of online stores you’ll know that authentic customer reviews work wonders for your sales. But with such a quick turnaround on your product lines, you want those reviews coming in thick and fast. Our simple integrations with both and Loyalty Lion allow you to reward customers with loyalty points each time they leave feedback. By incentivising the process, you’ll see a surge in your review collection rates.

But that’s not the only reason we’ve teamed up with these loyalty rewards platforms, and it’s certainly not the only reason you should consider a rewards-based programme as part of your review collection campaign.

Benefits of Loyalty Programmes For Ecommerce

Keep Consumers Happy with A Better Customer Experience

As an eCommerce retailer, you’re competing for the attention of savvy shoppers that have come to expect more from the buyer journey. Your target audience wants to feel valued, and they want to be recognised for their custom.

Using either or Loyalty Lion can help here. By rewarding them to review their experience with you, you show customers that they’re important to your business strategy – their opinion matters, and you want to hear it. More importantly for the consumers pocket, you’re offering reward points that can be used against the cost of future transactions – each review they leave brings financial gain. The customer feels both valued and recognised, and their overall experience is significantly improved.

Grow Your Business with Retention Marketing

The online retail space is highly competitive and to be successful in it, you need to implement a robust marketing plan. Too many online shopping sites focus all their energy on the new acquisition, failing to take advantage of what’s already there – an existing customer base. This is where retention marketing comes in. Encouraging repeat custom is far cheaper than vying for new, and a loyalty programme is the foundation of any strong retention marketing strategy.

With our and Loyalty Lion integrations, you create a profitable buyer cycle. Rewarding customers to leave a review is a good way to improve your online checkout and increase conversion rates. The more points they earn, the more likely customers are to shop with you again. And since return customers spend more on average per transaction than first time buyers, the more money you make. All without the cost of advertising and promotion.

Benefit from A Loyal Customer Base

When it comes to fast fashion, consumers typically have a select number of stores they habitually buy from. This is particularly true of the female population. If you want to be one of them, you need to foster loyalty – and what’s the most effective way to do this? With rewards, of course.

Encouraging customers to come back for more produces a buyer-seller relationship, and that brings a greater ROI than any other marketing technique. What’s more, loyal customers make valuable brand advocates, likely to recommend you to friends and family. You can take this brand advocacy even further by integrating it into social media campaigns. Once they’ve left a review, it’s easy to create social proof images of their glowing recommendations with one of our latest service features.

Earn New Custom with Improved Google Seller Ratings

We’ve discussed the benefits of retention, but you want new customers too, right? As a Google Licensed Review Partner, all verified customer feedback collected through can be showcased in both organic and paid Google Search Results. So, by adopting a review reward programme, you not only benefit from increased feedback on your site, you also boost your Google Seller Ratings.

More product review stars mean more online visibility, more clicks through to your site, and more first-time buyer conversions. And once those customers are on board, they become part of that profitable buyer cycle that stems from your retention marketing efforts.

Want to start leveraging the power of rewards with our or Loyalty Lion integration? If you’re already a client, head over to our integration page. If you’re new to REVIEWSio simply create an account to get started.

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