would be nothing without its warriors. Today we're speaking to George Colledge our Junior Designer, to hear more about the role he plays in connecting companies to their customers through the power of online feedback.
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Hey George! Thanks for taking some time out to chat - we're looking forward to hearing about the creative side of today. Let's start with the basics: how long have you worked at and how did you end up here?

I joined back in February 2019. Before this I actually worked at Wetherspoons for two years in the kitchen, making stunning food to please the masses. Last year I moved to Leicester to study Graphic Design at De Montfort University and wanted to get some work alongside my degree to gain more experience - that's when I got offered a job here. From the moment I stepped into the HQ, the whole team were extremely friendly and I also loved the style of the office so it was an easy decision for me!

It's great to hear we made a good first impression George! Now you've had time to settle in, what's your routine like?

I live on the DMU campus so it only takes me a few minutes to get here - I usually stay in bed until 9! When I arrive, I get my laptop and snacks ready for the day which is usually spent making adverts, web pages and whatever else is thrown my way. After work I go to the studio to work on my degree and personal projects before having some dinner and heading to the gym. I also watch a fair bit of Netflix in the evening when I have time - I'm currently working my way through Lunatics, How To Get Away With Murder and Our Planet.


Sounds pretty busy, but hopefully not too stressful. What's it been like working at so far?

Working at Reviews has been such an amazing opportunity for me. It's often really difficult for first year students to get paid work, especially at a growing company, as businesses often prefer years of experience. If it wasn’t for giving me a chance it would likely have taken me years to get some experience in the industry. I never find myself bored as there is always something to do, and the tasks that get passed to me are really varied. The team are all so friendly and welcoming from the minute you start and everyone is made to feel equal. And the location is especially great for lunch breaks!

You're amazing at what you do George, we're lucky to have you! Do you have any particular goals for 2019 alongside gaining more experience here?

For 2019 my main focus is working as hard as I can to achieve as much as possible at uni. But I also want to start working on some more personal projects with people I have met through university so I can explore new ideas in Graphic Design and be more creative.

We're sure you'll do great. Finally, since working here, has your attitude towards online reviews and customer feedback changed?

It has. I read a lot more reviews than I used too to make sure I can trust where I'm buying things from.

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