's team are one of the things that make it so special. Today we're back over in California to chat with Nancy Ruiz, Head of Customer Success, to learn more about the role she plays in helping businesses bolster their online reputation.

Hi Nancy! It's great to finally chat to you - we know it can be a little tricky across time zones. When did you first join the Irvine team?

I joined the family in February 2019. My background is in the Finance industry - specifically the Mortgage and Automotive. However, I’ve always been interested in working for a tech/SEO business. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped. I brought my skills, knowledge, and passion to the interview. The rest - as they say - is history!

It sounds like it was meant to be, Nancy! What does your average weekday look like now you're here?

Typically, I like to arrive at the office an hour early to get a head start on the day's workload. I get a big cup of coffee right before 9:00 AM and I’m off! Being able to multitask and manage your time wisely definitely comes in handy when trying to provide customer support - you never know how the day will go and that's the most exciting part.

Once the workday has come to end, I make sure to turn on my notifications. I try to make myself available to be able to handle any urgent matters and be able to reassure our clients that we genuinely care for their success here at


Wow Nancy, that's some commitment! We hope you're fitting some me-time in there too - we know how important it is to have a good work-life balance. You obviously really enjoy what you do?

As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I've finally hit the gold mine! In the Financial Industry, you're seen as a cog in a machine. But at, you really do feel like you matter and can actually help people. The cherry on the top is being able to work at such a great location - the coffee is amazing!

It's wonderful to hear you feel valued Nancy - we certainly appreciate all you do for the team and our customers too! Do you any specific goals for 2019?

This year, I'd like to reduce our churn rate and improve our retention. As we continue to grow, being able to implement a training strategy to put every new hire in the path for success is another goal.

We're sure those goals are well within your reach Nancy. We've got big growth plans again this year, so you're certainly right to place a large importance on training. And finally, reviews might be what you sell, but how do you feel about them yourself - are they important to you?

Reviews have always been an important aspect of my decision making. They determine whether or not I put an item into my shopping cart, try a new restaurant or shop at a new store. It reassures me that my experience will be a positive one.

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