would be nothing without its warriors. Today we're speaking to Alice Greet, Head of Customer Support, to hear more about the role she plays in connecting companies to their customers through the power of online feedback.

Hiya Alice! Thanks for taking some time out to chat with us - and apologies to our customers for pulling you away from your desk. As one of our longest-standing members of staff, we'd love to start with your story so far.

I just had my 4th workversary here, although I've known Callum, our CEO, a lot longer. He's actually my uncle and brought me in to help do the customer support with Nikki when they were still starting out. Since then we've grown a lot, and it's been amazing to see the company evolve from a small team of 6 when I first started to over 30 today.  

Ah, so you're the one who's been making our clients so happy all these years! How do you go about making them smile?

I'm quite hands-on with most aspects of reviews - it's essential to help me deal with any customer problem thrown my way. My tasks include generally looking after our clients, making sure they have all the information they need and answering any questions they have. This includes both new and existing customers - both are equally as important to us.

Because we're always bringing out new features, making sure our customers are not only aware of them but also know how to start utilising them is one of my main roles. We want the best for our customers, and I often work alongside accounts to ensure they're heading towards their goals.

You're a people person through and through, Alice. Our clients are certainly lucky to have you. When you're not helping them, what do you do to kick back?

Well, I  also like to make sure that our team is happy & help them if they need it. I'll make tea occasionally, clear up and put the dishwasher on when I can. I also like to try and squeeze in a cup of coffee (or two) & a game of ping-pong to keep me energised throughout the day. It's great for team morale too - even if we do bicker about the rules!


Bickering? Us? Never! on that note, what is it like to work at

It's fast-paced, very fast-paced, but that's part of the fun and you're always kept on your toes here. Growth is huge for us, and it's an incredibly motivating place to be. We're all pushed and encouraged to do our best and it not only helps us to learn, grow and evolve, but brings us together. As a team, we're pretty close and always look out for one another.

You're totally right Alice - there's certainly never a dull day. Do you have any things you'd like to see yourself or the business achieve this year?

Goals for 2019, hmm. I think I'd like to see the Support Team in the spotlight this year. We already have a really great team, but I think it's time for us to spread our wings. It would be amazing to get some new people on board and see the team grow in order to provide even better service for our clients.

We really pride ourselves on the service we offer all of our customers, so this is a big one for me.

Yep, it's time for you guys to shine! We look forward to seeing some new faces this year. Finally, you work with reviews every single day, but what do they mean to you personally? Do you read them?

Honestly, it's hard not to now. Reviews are ingrained in me and I genuinely struggle to buy a thing without checking the reviews out first. Be it a book, a new pair of shoes or a holiday, it's the opinions of other customers that I rely on to make the best choice.

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