We’ve had a busy second quarter to 2023, with our developers adding a whole host of new features and updates to the REVIEWS.io solution. So many in fact, we thought it worth a bit of a recap, so here’s a look at what we’ve been up to, and the tools we’ve introduced to enhance your experience with our product.
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From more effective post-purchase surveys to superior widget design, all the improvements we’ve made are a response to what you - the end user - needs from us. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to customer centric product development. 

Here’s what’s come out of Q2: 

Metadata Integration for Survey Responses

In April we updated our survey widgets to support the addition of metadata. This means you can increase the value of survey responses by adding customer information, product details or any other relevant data to each one.

These extra details take your analytics to the next level. For example, you can see if certain age groups prefer different products, or if people from different locations have different opinions.

With metadata integration, your survey responses become a goldmine of information. You’ll get a clearer picture of who likes what and why, so you can make better decisions on how to improve products and services.

New Sessions Replay and Analytics Widget

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could track and record how visitors navigate through your store? If you could sit and watch their session unfold to better understand their experience? That’s exactly what the Sessions Replay and Analytics widget allows you to do.

We rolled out this feature to give you access to first-party data - data that’s more insightful, more valuable and less intrusive than its third-party counterpart.

By capturing user sessions, you can analyze customer behavior, understand how they engage with content, and identify any pain points. That’s valuable information you can use to optimize store design, layout and user experience. 

Upgrade Options for Influence.io Plans Available in Your REVIEWS.io Dash

As well as the new features and updates to our review solution, we’ve also been busy enhancing our loyalty product, introducing innovative new tools across all Influence.io plans.

And to make life simple, you can supercharge your loyalty program by updating your Influence.io plan from right within your REVIEWS.io dashboard. Basically, we’ve simplified the process of upgrading so you can easily leverage our growing suite of powerful tools to build better customer relationships. 

Checkout Page Widget for Shopify Plus Stores

A free upgrade for Shopify Plus store owners, this dynamic, lightning fast widget enables you to enhance the shopping experience by displaying product ratings and review nuggets directly on your Shopify Plus store's checkout page.

By sharing social proof at this critical point in the customer journey, you can increase customer confidence, reduce cart abandonment, and ultimately boost conversions.

New Updated Gorgias Integration

Our updated integration with Gorgias takes your support capabilities to new heights by automatically attaching customer review data to support tickets. 

This means your support teams have access to a wealth of information right within Gorgias, giving context on customer preferences, issues they’ve faced and their overall satisfaction levels. And that means they can provide tailored solutions.

It also means you can build customer segments and trigger specific actions based on a customer's past experiences, upping the personalization of your customer support.

Enhanced Surveys Manager

Post purchase surveys are a great source of zero-party data, giving you access to actionable insights on your business. And with our Surveys Manager update, they’re now even easier to leverage.

We’ve introduced two new elements. First up, you can now duplicate existing surveys with ease, so if you want to make a few minor tweaks you can do so without creating a whole new survey from scratch. 

Second, you can export individual survey responses as spreadsheets, giving you greater flexibility for processing and analyzing valuable data.

Improved Dashboard Experience

We’ve made two notable improvements to the REVIEWS.io dash, both designed to help you make more effective and efficient use of our solution.

First up, you can now set your primary goals for using REVIEWS.io - like increasing customer engagement, improving online reputation, or driving conversions. Based on your selections, the dashboard will display tailored video guides specifically curated to help you achieve those goals. 

Second, we’ve introduced a new search bar so you can easily navigate the dashboard and find exactly what you need in seconds.

Next-Level WooCommerce Plugin

If you’re using the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce for your online store, this update is for you.

We’ve made serious improvements to our WooCommerce plugin to offer an enhanced user experience, seamless compatibility and top level functionality. Updates include an intuitive platform interface and a range of customizable widgets so you can showcase your review content at its best. 

Product Review Rating Snippet Widget

We rolled out the Product Review Rating Snippet Widget in June to give you more ways to showcase persuasive trust signals.

To fit seamlessly with your store design, it offers 8 layout options, dark-theme compatibility and full customization using our code free widget editor. As an alternative to the snippet, you can display product ratings badges, overlaying these on product photos to highlight positive reviews at a glance.

You can also choose to share a full rating breakdown when customers hover over the snippet, giving them more product insight at the discovery stage.

Global Update on Widget Speed and Customization Options

Finally, we supercharged our extensive widget library, making each and every widget even faster than before. That means super fast loading times for your store and an enhanced customer experience.  

We also introduced more customization options to give you greater control over placement, look and functionality.

Whether you’re publishing shoppable UGC galleries or Review Nuggets next to the ‘Buy Now’ button, our widgets are lightning fast, easy to install and ensure review content slots seamlessly into your store design.

Product Development for Q3: Have Your Say

Rest assured we’ll be working just as hard this quarter to further advance our already feature rich platform, and we’ll be doing it all with our focus on your needs. Try REVIEWS.io for 14 days with our free trial.

We’ll be keeping up with the latest technology and trends in the eCommerce space to give you more of the tools you need to stay competitive. 

If there’s a particular area you think we should focus on, we’d love to hear about it. Get in touch with Customer Success or contact your dedicated Account Manager to tell us more.

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