Coronavirus has transformed our world. And after the announcements made on March 23rd, life as we once knew it has temporarily been put on pause. In these troubling and uncertain times, it’s vital that we all pull together and seek out the positives.

Never in the time of being in business would we think we’d ever face a challenge like Covid-19. At, we took measures from the very start, and we couldn’t be prouder of how our team has responded and the positive attitude they’ve maintained.

Though none of us knows what the future truly holds, we’re confident that the steps we’ve taken have put in a stronger position. We’ve cleaned up our systems, refocused our way of working, and streamlined our processes so we can better support our clients in a time when they need us more than ever.

Adapting to Working From Home

With the majority of our staff working from home for some time now, there’s been a period of adjustment, to say the least! Some have had to make the most of what they’ve got, with makeshift offices popping up on kitchen tables with Pets taking a solitude position of power.

The lucky among us were better prepared, and are already running a mini enterprise like desk setups, complete with adorable office companions.


For those of us that are parents, it’s been a juggling act between work and childcare but hey, there’s a lot to be said about sitting down with the kids for lunch every day and taking the dog for more walk then they would care for!


Distractions and dodgy wi-fi aside, the whole team has found benefits to remote working. Benefits that have made us a stronger workforce. Everyone’s taking the time to touch base more, our communications are clearer, and our sense of camaraderie has surpassed expectation. More than ever, the team are dedicated to innovation, productivity and exceptional service.

Working from home with a routine

Working from home is foreign ground for a lot of people. Our advice is to continue your daily routine without the morning commute. Get showered, get dressed and grab a coffee before you start your working day. With no morning commute, use that free time to a positive end. Go for a run, walk the dog, practice yoga or meditation – whatever helps you keep your mental health on track. It’s certainly working for us! succeed with great support, not contracts.

If you’re worried about review content in any way, rest assured we’re here to help. We continue to be on call, supporting our clients however and wherever we can. We’re taking on new business from those that need additional support, and from customers looking to switch to a solution that does not tie them down to a long term contract. This has always been our approach but requires us to be on top of our game no matter what the situation.

Dealing with bad reviews in tough times

We appreciate that some industries are getting hit hard with bad reviews. Airports, travel companies and insurance providers are among the worst affected. If you’re struggling with this, read our advice on how to handle negative reviews, or contact us for support about the best possible approach for your business.

Work from home and make a real difference

We’ll be following Government guidelines to a tee, playing our part in the fight against this global disaster. Wherever you are, take care. Look after each other, especially the vulnerable, and stay safe. We’re all in this together and, together, we will come back stronger. is a global business, with branches in the UK, Australia, Germany and the US. Whilst we’ve all faced individual problems from time to time, this has taken its toll on us all simultaneously. We continue to support each other across international borders with good communication and a strict policy that ensures everyone’s safety.

For now, those who can, work from home and save lives.

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