would be nothing without its warriors. Today we're hopping over the pond to speak to Joe Santillan, Senior Account Executive, over in our California office, to hear more about the role he plays in connecting companies to their customers through the power of online feedback.
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Hi Joe! Thanks for taking some time out to chat - we can't wait to hear more about the adventure over in CA. First off, how long have you been part of the team and what led you here?

I've worked with since the 8th of April. I used to work for a third party review company before and really enjoyed helping businesses grow. Before that, I was with Broadly.

It's great to hear you have a real passion for connecting businesses to their customers, Joe. What do your weekdays tend to look like over in CA? We imagine they're a bit bit more glamorous than ours in Leicester!

A weekday for me starts with a morning run, a cup of coffee, and skateboarding to work while listening to Spotify. At the end of the day, I like to 'wine' down with a nice glass of vino and watch my favorite sports teams - either the Dodgers or Lakers - play.

Yep, that's pretty much what we had in mind! It sounds exceptionally dreamy Joe - I must admit, we're a little jealous! We hope that the office-life is just as good - could you tell us a bit more about that?

Sure! Working at Reviews is rewarding and challenging at the same time. It's rewarding because I'm able to see great results for businesses I bring on board and it's challenging because every day is different and every new business I speak with has different needs. My favorite thing about working with Reviews has to be the camaraderie aspect and knowing I'm making a difference for a small business owner.


When you say it like that, it sounds pretty wonderful, Joe. Do you have any specific goals for this year?

My goals for 2019 are to be a top performer and to hire and train a successful team in the US territory.

We can't wait to see it happen! Finally, what do reviews mean to you personally? Are they a big part of your life?

Reviews are everything. They have a huge impact on where I choose to eat, go on vacation, which hotel I stay at, which clothes I buy, which businesses I should stay away from etc. Reviews have most definitely influenced important life decisions, they influenced my decision to come work at; they've influenced where I currently live - without reviews, it's like shooting in the dark, blind.

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