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We have some good news for companies using Intercom.

Now you can collect reviews directly via Intercom's chat widget. It's a simple and fast way for you to get feedback from your customers. The integration setup takes 3 minutes and once it's done the review collection process is fully automatic. Here is how it works:

Step 1. When your client visits your website, Intercom widget pops up with a message inviting your client to leave a review.

Step 2. When a star rating is selected, users are taken to your review collector page where review comments, photos and other information can be submitted.

How to get started collecting reviews using Intercom chat?

Simply log into your Reviews dashboard and go to the Intercom integration page: Company Setup > Automatic Review Collection > Intercom. Here you will find a simple single-click button to copy the Review Invitation Snippet from our platform into Intercom.

By utilising Intercom's Engage feature, you can send targeted messages to your Intercom users and engage only the customer's you wish to obtain a review from.

The setup for a Review Invitation with Intercom Engage Manual Messages is a simple 5 step process:

1. Choose your audience (i.e. the Users) you wish to invite to leave a review.

2. Select where and how you want the review invitation to appear.

3. Customise your message or simply copy the Review Invitation Snippet provided by

4. Set a goal for the engagement (optional).

5. Schedule a time for the Review Invitation message to go live and start collecting reviews from your customers.

Now that your Review Invitation engagement is live, selected users will receive a Review Invitation message the next time they're logged into your website.

For detailed instructions how to setup automatic collection using Intercom, go to your dashboard: Company Setup > Automatic Review Collection > Intercom.

View our Intercom Reviews support article for detailed installation instructions


This feature is available to clients on Small Business, Growing Business and Enterprise packages.

In addition, you’ll need a paid Intercom account and the Engage subscription to make the most of this great new feature.

To get started, follow our guide, or grab us on live chat over on our website to talk about it.

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