No one likes change unless it’s for the better. So it’s a good job our latest update - Dash 2.0 - is the most intuitive and exciting change we’ve ever made to the solution.
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We’ve always focused on providing a user-friendly platform. But we’ve also focused on innovation, creating new tools and features that allow you to do more with review content. This caused us a bit of an issue. The more functionality we added the clunkier our dashboard became, adding friction to the user experience.

We’ve made small improvements over the years, but our product had grown to the point a major overhaul was needed. There’s been challenges along the way (and some bug related delays) but Dash 2.0 is finally here. And it’s all designed with the end user in mind. 

What’s Changed?

Visually, the design and layout are the most obvious updates. We’ve made it incredibly efficient and simple to navigate, with an intuitive interface that you’ll find easy to adopt. We’ve made so many major improvements we could talk about it for hours, but here’s some of the key headlines:

  • You’ll now find there’s a mobile friendly version - one of the most common requests we had from our customers.
  • The home login now gives you a detail rich overview, rather than one big feed of reviews.
  • It’s designed to offer a low touch, frictionless experience.
  • Features that were once difficult to find have now been placed front and centre, so you can focus more on using our most innovative tools. 
  • Review invitation history now comes with more data and filter controls. 

But that’s just the basics. Along with making our existing features easier to use, we’ve added a couple of extras that we’re really excited about.

Introducing Flow for a better collection strategy. 

Flow is where we’ve made automated review collection far more intuitive and feature rich. Previously, the controls we offered were limited. You could send a review invite at a specified time, and that was pretty much where the story ended. Now you can create customised flows right from within your dashboard.

The whole tool has been built to help you improve customer communication, making the most of those opportune moments to extend a conversation and develop relationships. It improves the customer experience, resulting in greater retention and all round better ROI. 

If you're a Klaviyo user you’re probably familiar with the concept - it’s a predefined journey based on the actions of the recipient, and the possibilities are almost endless. You can set a time delay for follow up emails if the customer has yet to leave a review, you can request video content from anyone that’s left five stars, and you can create different templates for every stage of the flow. You can even send a different email depending on the location of the customer. 

It’s already proven itself a valuable update, helping our early adopters drive conversions and generate more UGC. Their results show a good flow sequence boosts review collection by 20%, with nearly a 40% increase in rich content like images and video. So not only are you driving loyalty, you’re gathering more social proof to drive acquisition too. 

Customised collector page to be on brand. 

Keeping your communications on brand is key to building relationships with your audience, so we’ve made it possible for you to customise your collector pages. You can still add in attributes, just as you could before, but you can also use your own brand colours for each section of the page. There’s also some nice little tweaks you can make that improve the reviewer experience.


We’ve been celebrating like big kids over this latest launch. Why? Because we believe in going big or going home. We set ourselves a huge goal and we’ve worked through some big challenges to reach it. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and we know it’s of massive benefit to our customers. 

We’ve tried and tested Dash 2.0 to the point we’re sure you’ll have no problems at all. But if you do, or you want some guidance on how to make the most of features like flow, contact one of our support team.  

We’re constantly moving forward, so we’d love to hear any feedback that can help us improve these updates even further. With more developers than sales reps, we’re invested in pushing boundaries, taking our review solution to even greater heights. Reach out to support here, or if you’re yet to experience, sign up here. 

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