offers the opportunity for Amazon sellers to request feedback from their clients using a customised review collection email. The business owner can track all incoming reviews while enjoying a higher feedback collection rate than using Amazon's own system.

How Seller Ratings Impact Your Ability To Win The Buy Box?

Collecting reviews and feedback from your customers enables you to increase your Amazon Seller Rating.  A higher seller rating has a direct impact your ability to win the Buy Box, the automatically-placed purchasing option for items sold by Amazon merchants.

If an item is listed by a third party merchant, then those merchants enter into an auction behind the scenes to appear as the default seller for that item.  This is called the "Buy Box" and s listed on the right hand side of the Amazon product listing page as follows.

To the right of the product screen is the Amazon Buy Box.

When a customer clicks "Add to Basket" here, they are automatically purchasing it from the seller listed in the Buy Box.  Obviously this has profound implications for sellers competing for sales on the same product.

Collecting and responding to feedback in a timely fashion is one of the criteria reported to be of importance in the Amazon system for determining which seller is shown in the Buy Box.

The review collection and management platform has a number of features to allow sellers to collect and respond to feedback.

How Help Build Amazon Feedback?

What Is Automated Feedback Collection?

All review requests are sent to your customers at on a schedule determined by you, not by Amazon.  Amazon can take  minumum of 28 days (even up to 50 days) to request feedback for any purchase that your customers make, by which time the process is so far out of their minds that they are unlikely to write a review.

At our solution allows you to greatly improve your feedback collection rate by sending customised, timely emails to your clients requesting reviews shortly after the product is delivered (or at any other time of your choosing).

While the order is fresh in your customer's mind, you're far more likely to receive feedback.

Using Our Branded Customised Email Templates

All emails send from our system can be created by you using our easy to use WYSIWYG email template editor.  You can create unlimited email templates for A/B testing, to determine which get you the best response rates.  With over 5 million reviews collected so far, know a thing or two about getting the best responses, so we'll also include some high-converting email templates to get you started.

No Third-party Access To Seller Central Is Required

Our solution doesn't require access to your Seller Central account, unlike the other Amazon Feedback platforms on the market, so you can be sure that there won't be any security breaches or data corruption, potentially causing downtime and lost revenue.

How To Move Away From Amazon's Seller Fees?

If you're looking to move away from the Amazon platform, perhaps to start selling on your own website to avoid their hefty fees, you're probably looking to collect Google Seller Ratings.  By collecting reviews for purchases on your website, you'll quickly get to 150 seller ratings which is required by Google before stars are shown in your organic and paid search results.

Prepare for your future growth by collecting reviews across multiple platforms, all in one location.  You can collect reviews across both systems and keep selling on Amazon while you build a review audience. Then, when the time comes, you'll be sure of maximum visibility in Google with your star ratings.

You can also collect reviews from any ebay sales, should you be selling on that platform, and these can be added to your Google reviews feed.

Why You Should Start collecting Amazon Feedback Today?

Collecting Amazon Feedback will increase your brand's visibility by increasing the number of company and product reviews collected. Maximising your brand's visibility helps build your Google seller ratings, increasing the number of customers for your business.

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