As a Google Licensed Partner, enables businesses to collect both company and product reviews that boost their Google ranking. And with our WooCommerce Product Review Plugin, it couldn’t be easier to get Seller Ratings and Stars for your WooCommerce site.
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If you’re new to the solution, WooCommerce is a simple to use plugin that lets you turn a WordPress site into a customised, fully functioning eCommerce store.

Once you’re up and running, one of the best ways to add credibility to your site is to collect verified, authentic customer feedback. With a platform like, you can collect company reviews that build your overall reputation, as well as using our WooCommerce Product Review Plugin to add conversion driving content to each of your product pages.

And because we’re a licensed partner, both company and product reviews can be carried over to Ads, Rich Snippets and Google Shopping results, and earn you Google Seller Ratings and Stars.

Why Use A WooCommerce Product Review Plugin?

Both company and product reviews are important - they go hand in hand to support each other -  but you’ll see the following benefits from product reviews in particular:

1. Product reviews increase click through rates - when using a Google Licensed Partner, product reviews contribute to your Google Seller Rating, and Stars will be displayed in product search results and Ads. Stars earn you trust, and trust increases click through rates.

2. Product reviews keep customers on-site - as part of the buyer journey, customers look for assurance on whether to buy from you. They want information on service, delivery, quality. Having this on-site from various independent sources (i.e. your past customers) will prevent them from looking elsewhere.

3. Product reviews drive conversion - Product reviews the most trusted sources of information. Buyers want to know if a product suits their needs, if it does what it claims to, how it works etc. When they read, or even better see, this kind of detail from other users, it moves them one step closer to the checkout.

What is WooCommerce Product Review Plugin?

  • It’s easy to integrate - place a review widget anywhere on your WooCommerce product pages by editing your template file with a few simple lines of code.
  • It’s immersive - customers can browse through product reviews at leisure, keeping them on-site for longer and boosting the chances of conversion.
  • It’s descriptive - knowing how to write a good product review is essential. Star ratings give an overview, but the content of a review is often rich in detail and answers many of the questions your customers may have.

For more information on the WooCommerce Product Review Plugin, contact us via live chat or see our WooCommerce support article for full installation instructions.

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