The most popular choice in our expanding library, the carousel widgets have had an overhaul. Improved functionality now lets you showcase powerful UGC in a way that suits your brand, adding greater authenticity to your eCommerce site.
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We recently upgraded our product review widget, adding review attributes for deeper insight and making customisation a breeze with our code free widget editor.

Customers loved the simplicity along with the control it gave them for publishing reviews, and asked that the editor be made available for more of our publication tools - so we made it happen. Our range of carousel widgets are now just as user friendly, giving you greater freedom with review publication, and all at no extra cost. 

What Is A Carousel Widget?

Our carousel widgets allow you to display both product and company reviews on your site in various scrollable formats. 

Now fully customisable, each one can be adapted to fit with your site architecture and brand identity - from the design of headers and reviews to customised layouts and specific UI pop ups. And thanks to our intuitive widget editor, it can all be done with zero coding knowledge.

The improvements make review publication just as easy as review collection, taking the friction out of building your brand’s reputation. 

How Have The Carousel Widgets Been Improved?

Our carousel widgets functions have been improved significantly making it easier for customers to use, creating greater authenticity and powerful UGC suited to your brand. These are the changes that have been made to the carousel widgets:

  • They’re all now 100% customisable, so you can keep UGC on brand.
  • There’s no code needed - it’s all controlled in our easy to use widget editor.
  • They have a cleaner, more lightweight design that loads faster.
  • They’re responsive to any design layout, giving customers access to more of the information they need.
  • They don’t sit within an iframe, which means they have a much greater SEO value. 

Iframes don’t get indexed by search and they add additional load to a page. Having a widget, which is not added via an iframe, is more important than ever as Google is giving sites with lower load times a greater emphasis in search. 

The improvements have been made as a free upgrade, and apply to all carousel widgets:

  • Card carousel widget - a scrollable card carousel with a header on the side.
  • Carousel widget - a minimal carousel widget with a header on the side.
  • Fullwidth card carousel widget - a scrollable full width card carousel widget with a header above cards.
  • Fullwidth carousel widget - a minimal full width carousel with a header above reviews.
  • Bulky carousel widget - a narrower version of carousel which brings one review at a time into focus.

All of these can be used to show customer reviews, photos, videos and feedback from 3rd party platforms. 

Why Publish Your Reviews?

Authentic reviews are key to driving business growth and  are one of the main factors that influence consumer purchase decisions. They add to the customer experience by bringing insight that can’t be gained from any other form of content. They boost your credibility, improve conversion rates and satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty. 

We’re constantly making improvements to ensure your reviews work hard on every platform, building trust and maximising search performance. Check out our full widget library to see our range of customisable badges and widgets for use across all your marketing channels.

How To Use The New Customisable Carousel Widgets

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