It might seem trivial, and it might be something you keep putting off appraising for another year, but your delivery provider might unnecessarily be dragging your business’ reputation down.
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Let’s talk about delivery

Along with your great products and pricing, delivery is up there as being a vital stage of your service, after all, we’re all eager to receive items we order - undamaged and on time.

With that in mind, when customers are disgruntled they will undoubtedly raise any issues they had receiving their orders, with poor reviews for delivery second to poor service. Although grievances seen below on Twitter are directed at the delivery service, the companies themselves are also thrown into the mix, leaving individuals frustrated at both parties.

Although your business may be offering your customers top quality in relation to your products, customer care and pricing, your choice of delivery provider could be tarnishing your name, leaving returning customers and shoppers wary.

Not only does the review content reflect against your business, but it also shapes your review score. So whether you use a delivery provider, or your own service - not taking action means you’re actively putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Reviews first and foremost offer you insight into your service and/or products - shining, mediocre, and scathing. All help you to garner knowledge on how you can do better, areas you can reinforce, and the opportunity to expand or diversify your product range.

They also offer gold nuggets of advice about delivery. Orders never arriving when specified; orders not arriving at all! Lack of communication regarding the delivery window; the delivery window being unreasonably vague; Items consistently arriving in poor conditions, or broken entirely; Potentially the poor attitudes of delivery people themselves; or the aeons it takes to resolve issues, if they get resolved at all.

The list goes on, however it may actually be that customers are impressed and happy with your delivery service. If this is the case - great work! But don’t forget to keep tabs and monitor for any changes.

If however you do find your delivery provider is letting you and your customers down, our new tool may offer a helping hand for you to find a delivery provider that matches your own business’ standards, to keep your customers smiling, and your review scores shining.

Delivery Metrics

Our Delivery Metrics feature enables you to assess sentiments pulled from all your customer reviews, to paint a picture of your delivery provider. Sentiments range from speed, communication, accuracy of delivery times and package care, with an overall score calculated to determine whether your provider of choice is poor, good, or excellent.

Metrics such as this enable you to extract vital information from your customer-generated feedback in an instant, for your to take positive action and offer a service which completely encompasses your good name.

Blog summary

Don’t forget to monitor ALL elements of your business when improving or maintaining your service, which includes your choice of delivery provider. If you find that the majority of complaints revolve around delivery, use our Delivery Metrics tool and see if it’s time to appriase your provider.

For more information about helping bolster your business’ reputation, or about the benefits of reviews, visit our website, or talk to a member of our team today.

Our Delivery Metrics feature will be launching soon, you can register your interest by clicking the book a demo button at the top or bottom of this page.

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