is committed to championing the customer's voice. We've launched a brand new awards system giving credit to those companies who consistently make customers happy across every area of their business. Who will come up trumps?

Introducing The Customer Voice Awards

We created the Customer Voice Awards out of a frustration - how do consumers know who is the best of the best and which businesses can they really trust?

Based on real experiences from real customers, each quarter we analyse data pulled from thousands of reviews to identify top-performing companies.

The goal? To make it easier than ever for consumers to quickly identify the most reliable businesses, leading to a more trustworthy online marketplace.

How do the reviews work?

There are four awards up for grabs each quarter:  

  • Best Customer Support
  • Highest On-Time Delivery
  • Fastest Growing Retailer
  • Top Retailer

In order to determine the winners, a deep review analysis is conducted. We look at hundreds of thousands of reviews, taking into account statistics such as review count, review rate, review score and merchant metrics.

The companies awarded are only those that excel in these areas. These are the companies that go above and beyond to produce consistently happy customers.

What do Customer Voice Award winners get?

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For those companies lucky enough to receive an award, the rewards are great.

Winners will receive a one-of-a-kind Customer Voice Awards badge to share on their site, along with a certificate marking their achievements. The awards are ideal for use in both online and offline marketing.

But the main benefits of Customer Voice Awards is the recognition they acquire from consumers. As a high-performer, you'll immediately garner trust and authority, leading to publicity, new leads and less friction.

How do I get a Customer Voice Award?

The Customer Voice Awards are based on real feedback from real customers, and cannot be bought or sold.

The Customer Voice Awards aren't easy to obtain and are reserved for the very best of businesses. In order to be in with a chance of getting one, it's essential to consistently perform well across multiple areas of your business.

To increase your chances of acquiring an award, we recommend:

  • Providing the best experience possible to all of your customers.
  • Using a Customer Review Strategy to encourage customers to leave reviews.
  • Quickly resolving problems and learning from your mistakes.
  • Using reviews to identify your business' pain points and working to improve them.

You can see a list of our current and previous Customer Voice Awards winners here.

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