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Earn money for selected charities with the easiest way to write reviews.

We're all about making the process of writing reviews easier, so we've released a brand new iOS app which lets you write and read good-quality reviews about businesses, wherever you are. Consumers are rewarded for writing quality review content in-app with in-app credits for every review written, which is donated to their choice of UK charities from our selection.

The reasons we've decided to produce an iOS app for review writing are fourfold:-

1) We want to make the entire process of reading and writing reviews simple for consumers, from anywhere they are located2) We want to support selected charities3) We want to grow to become the largest source of quality online reviews4) We want to help businesses collect genuine authentic reviews from real customers

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How the Reviews iOS app works

Our iOS app can be downloaded from the app store here. Once you have it, you'll be prompted to log in using either your email address or a social login.

You can search for businesses from a range of industries in your local area and read or write reviews. Writing a review is simple, just pick from a local business, select a star rating and type your review comment. All reviews are collected on the platform and are easily found within the app and on Google.

We encourage everyone to write great-quality reviews, because they help other online consumers make informed decisions. We'll reward quality reviews with financial credit which can be used to donate to selected charities in-app. For details of what constitutes a quality review, have a look at this blog post.

Which charities are supported by the Reviews iOS app?

At launch, we have chosen Save the Children, Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and the NSPCC as our supported charities. You can choose to donate your in-app credits to any or all of these charities once you reach each threshold of earned credits.

Download your iOS app here and you can get started with review writing easily. It's free.

We've designed the Reviews iOS app to be the easiest review-writing app on the market for consumers, while earning money for charity in the process.

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