Review syndication is huge for direct to consumer brands selling through large online retailers. By widening the distribution of authentic review content, you boost product visibility on these major sites, and give consumers conversion driving social proof, wherever they choose to shop.

Essentially, review syndication helps brands compete on a bigger stage, scaling up without having to scale their review collection strategy.

How Does Review Syndication Work?

Simply put, review syndication is the automatic distribution of your user generated content - text reviews and ratings, photos, videos etc. - to the sites of the retail partners you sell through. Reviews are matched to specific products, meaning all relevant UGC appears in all the right places.

There’s a lot of complex mechanics behind the scenes, but for you as a brand, review collection is both simplified and elevated. You no longer have to choose where to focus your review collection efforts, because those generated from a single source can be distributed across all your retail channels.

The Benefits of Review Syndication

  • Increased impact - syndication increases the impact, and value, of every single review you collect. Instead of being confined to your website, they’re shared across a broader spectrum, allowing you to target more customers by increasing the number of places your product reviews and ratings can be found.
  • Stronger brand reputation - with your review content reaching a wider audience, your brand reputation follows suit. Provided you focus on transparency and authenticity (a must for any good review strategy), you’ll generate trust with your target markets wherever they shop. And that means more sales in the bag.
  • Increased brand awareness - reviews and ratings on major retail sites help your products rank higher. So not only are you driving sales, you’re also boosting awareness. With review syndication, your brand becomes a major player in a crowded marketplace.

And the benefits don’t stop with you. Buyers will have trusted customer reviews at their fingertips, and retail sites get to offer a better user experience.

Why Use Review Syndication?

If you’re a direct to consumer brand looking to scale at speed, review syndication allows you to do just that:

  • Collect reviews through a single platform - review syndication allows you to streamline the collection process. Using a single solution like, you can generate powerful UGC, including photo and video content, as well as pulling in reviews from integrated third-party sites. You can then distribute this same review content across all your retail outlets.
  • Authenticate your content - sceptics see syndication as a step away from authenticity, but with the right partner, all your content will be quality checked to meet the highest standards. These practices ensure reviews are transparent, unbiased and free from edits or fraudulent content.
  • Get reviews matched to the right retailers, and products - with multiple products sold across multiple sites, and no standardised system for cataloguing data, it's hard for brands to match up relevant content. Review syndication takes care of that for you through innovative technology.
  • Distribute review content as scale - review syndication ensures your UGC is displayed effectively across numerous retail sites, giving consumers the information they need to make informed purchase decisions. and Bazaarvoice

We recently announced a new partnership with Bazaarvoice, one of the leading names in review syndication.

Currently the biggest and broadest single platform solution, Bazaarvoice works with over 6,000 brands and retailers, aggregating and displaying authentic UGC across a vast network of sites.

With a sophisticated matching and distribution engine, combined with trusted authentication and moderation, Bazaarvoice allows brands to share review content with over 1.3 billion shoppers each month.

Our partnership means customers now get access to this powerful retail network, driving trust, awareness and sales through effective review syndication.

How review syndication overall will improve your business?

UGC has a huge impact on purchase decisions. Consumers trust it more than any other form of content, so wherever your products appear, so too should your product reviews.

If you’re a direct to consumer brand already in a retail chain, or one looking to enter a broader retail space, review syndication is the tool you need to jump start business growth.

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