We talk a lot about eCommerce personalization and the importance of unique customer journeys. We also talk a lot about trust and how it's a key driver for conversion. Our new integration with Nosto delivers both, combining a tailored on-site experience with social proof. 
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There’s no denying the power and value of personalization in eCommerce - 80% of customers say they’re more likely to buy from brands that provide it, and merchants that have mastered it see up to 40% more revenue than those that haven’t. 

How can you make those statistics even more impressive? By adding ratings and reviews into the mix. 

When you support your personalization efforts with these powerful trust signals, you give customers even more of an incentive to engage with content tailored to them. And that’s exactly what our new Nosto integration allows you to do.


What is Nosto?

If you’re not familiar with it, Nosto is a Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) with powerful personalization and merchandising capabilities.

Like all the solutions we partner with, it’s considered best-of-breed in its niche, named one of North America’s leading personalization vendors in a Digital Commerce 360 report.

Where it best compliments our solution (and what the integration is built around) is with product recommendations. 

Using a combination of transactional, behavioral and visual data, Nosto deploys intelligent recommendations throughout the on-site journey - from product discovery through to checkout. 

For the consumer, it delivers the authentic, convenient and unique shopping experience they look for. For the merchant, it provides data driven cross and upsell opportunities that push average order and customer lifetime value.   

With Nosto and REVIEWS.io in your tech stack, you can import review data to make those product recommendations work even harder. 

How to Use the REVIEWS.io and Nosto Integration

The most obvious use case for the two solutions together is adding review data to your product recommendation templates. This way, when a customer is presented with their personalized recommendations, they’ll also see how many reviews each product has, and its average star rating.

But there are a few other ways to leverage the integration:

Filter recommendations based on review data - this allows you to control what recommendations appear based on how they’ve been rated by past customers. You can choose to only display products with a minimum star rating and a minimum review count. For example, only show products with 5 stars and 10 reviews or more. 

This means the products recommended won’t just be unique to the customer, they’ll also be highly endorsed by people just like them. 

Use review data for category merchandising - with Nosto’s Category Merchandising feature, you can apply sorting rules to list products in a certain order in category pages (according to Nosto’s own research this is where 70% of sales originate).

So with review data, you can promote the products that have proven the biggest hit with past customers at the very top of category pages. 

Monitor product performance in Catalog Explorer - you can also use review data as a filter in Nosto’s Catalog Explorer. This feature allows you to track key product metrics to make better catalog decisions. 

For example, filtering products by star rating allows you to see which items have been poorly received, so you can remove them from any future stock orders. Whilst this use case isn’t exactly linked to personalization, it's an incredibly useful feature to have. 

The Technical Bit

Connecting REVIEWS.io and Nosto is simple. Just head to the integrations section in your Nosto admin panel, find us, click ‘Integrate’ and then ‘Submit’.

Review data will then be imported to Nosto. How long the import process takes will depend on the size of your product catalog. If you need it, there’s more guidance available in Nosto’s integration support article, or feel free to give our support team a call. 

Optimize Your Tech Stack for Personalization

Treating customers like the individuals they are is a must if you intend to stay competitive. Shoppers want a personalized experience, and if you can’t offer it to them they’ll look for it somewhere else.  

Nosto makes personalization simple. And when you pair it with REVIEWS.io you enhance its power with social proof. 

But savvy brands don’t just focus on the on-site experience. They think about every possible customer touchpoint. Add an ESP like Klaviyo to your tech stack and you can use Nosto’s product recommendation widgets - complete with ratings and reviews - to drive personalized email campaigns.

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