Brands that publish quality review content on PDPs see an average 18% uplift in conversion. Why limit that growth potential to your own eCommerce store? With review syndication you can republish that same content to drive sales across multiple retail channels.
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So, what exactly is syndication? Put simply, it’s the distribution of a piece of content for publication across various outlets. In the case of reviews, it means sharing every piece of UGC you collect - text, photo and video reviews - with all of your retail partners.

That also means sharing the same persuasive content with a vastly wider audience, on their preferred shopping channels, and all without having to scale up your review collection strategy.

Not to be confused with duplication, syndication is a technical process that uses intelligent product matching, authentication, and publishing practices that maintain the SEO value of review content.

Our new partnership with Bazaarvoice has all of those bases covered. And as a customer, it gives you access to a huge distribution network.

Why Use the + Bazaarvoice Integration?

A full scale shopper engagement platform, Bazaarvoice has been around for 18 years, and in that time has built partnerships with over 2,000 online retailers.

This includes major names like, Target, The Home Depot and Lowes, as well as hundreds of market specific sites.

As a customer, you can now set up a Bazaarvoice distribution only account - so you can syndicate all the content you collect directly through us across the extensive Bazaarvoice network.

With the two solutions combined, you get the tools to generate high volume, high quality UGC and the means to maximize its value.

The Benefits of Review Syndication

Impress your target market, wherever they shop: as consumers, we all have different shopping habits and goto sites we prefer to buy from, but we also have something in common. Regardless of where we shop, 93% of us read online reviews before we purchase a product.

To bag your market share on retail partner sites it’s not enough to just be present. You need to support your product pages with ratings and reviews that instill buyer trust. 

Syndication makes that easy by removing the need to manage multi-site review collection. You can run one effective strategy, and repurpose your content to impress, educate and convert more customers through all your sales channels.

Amplify the voice of your biggest advocates: there’s no greater endorsement for a product than an authentic, engaging 5* review. Why restrict that endorsement’s impact when you can amplify it through syndication?

Imagine a stellar review that really sells the benefits of a product from the user perspective. It’s published on your own store, and it’s driving conversion rates through the roof. Now imagine the same product sat on retail sites without that persuasive content by its side.

Our Bazaarvoice integration means you never need encounter these lost opportunities.

Increase visibility in search: retail sites are crowded places, and just like Google, they use key indicators to determine where a product listing ranks in search results. Ratings and reviews are two such indicators.

The more stars and keyword rich review content you have, the more you’ll outrank the competition.

Stats from the Bazaarvoice network show retail sites that accept syndication see a median 83% more reviews per product. That’s a major gain for your visibility.

Secure a consistent brand reputation: today’s super savvy shoppers don’t always take things at face value. They do their due diligence and consult a number of sites in their research, particularly when trying a new product or switching their brand allegiance.

If a product has hundreds of rave reviews on your own store, that sentiment needs to be reflected elsewhere. If it’s not, it brings into question the true quality of the product and the validity of the UGC around it.

With review syndication, you ensure consistency and maintain that all important level of trust.

How to Set Up Your + Bazaarvoice Integration

To make the most of review syndication and connect with the 1.3+ billion monthly shoppers active across the Bazaarvoice network, you’ll need an active Bazaarvoice account.

As a customer, this can be a distribution only account, and must be set up through our unique referral link.

Once your account is opened, and your product catalog uploaded to Bazaarvoice, you can get the integration up and running in just two simple steps:

Step one: Head to the Bazaarvoice integration page in your dash. Here you’ll be presented with a product mapping page.

You’ll need to tell us the SKUs of the products you want to activate review syndication for, along with the corresponding product IDs used in your Bazaarvoice catalog.

Step two: with your product mapping complete, you’ll need to download, complete and upload a consent form. Again, this is done through the integration page.

The submitted form is sent to both us and Bazaarvoice, and between us we take care of the rest.

Bazaarvoice will send us an API key, we’ll add it to our backend, and your review syndication will be enabled. You’ll be able to see that everything is running smoothly in your Bazaarvoice workbench.

From here on it's all automated. We continually submit your review content to Bazaarvoice, where it’s moderated and distributed to your chosen retail channels using accurate product matching.

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