Segmentation isn't just for marketing. Our updated Gorgias integration uses review data to deliver personalized customer service, boosting retention and fostering loyalty.

As the most downloaded helpdesk app for Shopify, Gorgias offers eCommerce merchants one centralized platform for customer support. The combination of Shopify and Gorgias is powerful enough on its own, but you can leverage its potential even more by integrating other market leading technology, like

Integrating Gorgias with - What’s New? 

We’ve long since offered integration with Gorgias, allowing support agents to deal with reviews and Q&As from within a centralized and familiar helpdesk environment. But we knew it could work harder, so now it automatically attaches customer review data to Gorgias tickets.

Here’s the data that gets assigned, and will be visible in the customer activity sidebar of a ticket:

Aggregate metrics - average star rating and total number of reviews given.

Average ratings - separated by company and product reviews.

Average sentiment - assigned as positive, neutral or negative and given overall, for company and for product.

Top topics - tags for the most mentioned topics across a customer’s review content.

Latest reviews - the five most recent reviews given by a customer, including:

  • Creation date
  • Star rating
  • All content and any response given
  • Publication status
  • Review upvotes and downvotes

You’ll also see detailed product information for these recent reviews:

  • Product name and category
  • Product page URL
  • Total number of reviews
  • Average product rating

What this gives your customer service team is the ability to customize the support offered based on past review data, the segments you create and the actions you set to trigger. 

So for example, you have a segment for ‘VIP Reviewers’ - those who consistently rate your brand and products highly. Then one day, a negative review drops from a customer in that segment. A ticket is raised, and the issue automatically escalated. The customer gets priority service, and the support agent dealing with the matter has more of the information they need to personalize their response. 

On the other side of the coin, if a customer regularly leaves negative feedback to bag themselves a freebie, you can assign them to a particular segment that prompts an appropriate automated reply.  

Why Does Segmentation Matter to Customer Service?

Segmentation isn’t about dividing your customer base into faceless groups to fuel half hearted automation. It’s about accumulating as much data as possible to deliver personalized experiences as part of a profitable post purchase strategy

It’s about showing your customers that you understand them, that you hear them, and that you care about them. And it really does matter when it comes to customer service - research by Salesforce tells us that 66% of consumers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.

With Shopify, Gorgias and in your tech stack, you do this by combining purchase, satisfaction, experience and customer service data. Bring Klaviyo into the mix and you have a best-of-breed tech stack that enables next level segmentation for exceptional customer support. 

The seamless transfer of data across all you eCommerce solutions means you can create hyper specific customer segments based on pretty much anything you can think of:

Demographic data - like gender identity, age and geographic location.

Behavioral data - how a customer interacts with your brand, like purchase and review history.

Attribute data - additional information you collect from reviews like personal preferences and specific physical traits.

Value and lifecycle data - segments based on CLTV and where an individual currently sits in the customer lifecycle. 

Essentially, you can get to a very granular level of detail, create endless segmentation possibilities, and deliver hyper personalized customer service. 

Improve Your Customer Service with a Best-of-Breed Tech Stack

We’re constantly reviewing and updating integrations, working side by side with our tech partners to ensure this best-of-breed setup continues to deliver. 

Along with Gorgias, we’ve made substantial improvements to our Klaviyo integration, giving our customers more of the features they need to effectively connect with theirs. 

If you’re a customer but not yet leveraging our powerful integrations, contact customer support to discuss the best options for your needs. To test our, we have a 14-day free trial.

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