Review collection isn’t a standalone activity. It’s something you should marry up with your support and marketing efforts to improve the overall customer experience. To do that successfully, you need the best tools in each niche, and you need them to work together - which is exactly what you get with the and HubSpot integration.
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What we’re talking about here is best-of-breed solutions coming together in a single tech stack. Imagine running the most advanced SaaS tool for a specific task - like review collection, email marketing and help desk functions - then having those tools feed into each other to advance their capabilities even further. 

Opting for best-of-breed gives you flexibility, scalability and - most importantly - it allows you to execute an effective growth strategy. 

That’s why we focus on working with the best to build powerful integrations. And our partnership with HubSpot is no exception. 

How Do and HubSpot Work Together? 

As one of the best known CRMs on the market, HubSpot needs little introduction. Its advanced marketing, sales and customer service functionalities help businesses deliver seamless customer experiences that drive engagement, conversions and loyalty. 

What our integration brings is more data points to enhance HubSpots already impressive customer service and marketing tools.

HubSpot Integration Use Cases: Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service should be a top priority for every business. It’s how you build a strong reputation, encourage repeat custom and generate positive word of mouth (it’s also how to get great reviews!).

To provide excellent service your support team needs to understand a customer’s past experiences with you, and they need to act quickly when things go wrong. Integrating with HubSpot can help with both of these things.

See more customer data in contacts: when a customer submits a review via, a note is added to their contact card in HubSpot. This note will include star rating, comments and product details if it’s a product review.

With this data sat next to all other activity captured by HubSpot, your support team has a visual storyboard of a customer’s experience in chronological order. 

They can also @mention other team members on the review note if action needs to be taken against it. For example, if it’s a 4* product review that only fell short because of excess packaging, the product team can be notified to address the issue. 

Raise tickets against reviews: using the Flow tool, you can request to automatically raise support tickets in HubSpot against any review of 3* or less. Your team can then handle the issue and respond from right within the HubSpot platform.

There are several benefits here. First, automated tickets allow support agents to jump on problems straight away. Second, the issue and resolution can be logged on the customer’s contact card for future reference, and third, your support team can work in a familiar environment, with no need to access the dashboard to handle negative reviews.  

HubSpot Integration Use Cases: Marketing

If you use HubSpot for your email marketing you need to feed it customer data, and the more the better. Only with data can you create the personalized interactions that customers have come to expect, and reviews are a great data source. 

Use custom properties for segmentation: by connecting and HubSpot, you can assign product review and company review properties to your contacts. You can then use these custom properties to create lists and segments based on review data for more personalized email marketing.

Say you have a contact that consistently leaves 5* product reviews. This data sees them automatically assigned to a VIP list and sent exclusive content that deepens their loyalty and encourages brand advocacy.

Other features of the integration include the ability to send review requests from within your HubSpot Workflows and to push custom events to HubSpot based on activity. How you use the two tools together is entirely down to you. Just like all our integrations it’s built for flexibility and supports a range of business objectives. 

Add the and HubSpot Integration to Your Best-of-Breed Tech Stack

To activate this integration you’ll need live accounts with both solutions. If that’s you already just head to the integrations tab of your dash to get started (and of course contact us if you need any support).

If you’re not yet a HubSpot customer there’s a range of products and plans available, as well as custom bundles to suit your specific needs. And if you’re new to our own price plans are affordable, customisable and contract free. We also offer a free trial to test our platform for 14 days!

As well as complimenting each other, both and HubSpot integrate seamlessly with all the SaaS tools you already know and love - supporting a best-of-breed tech stack that in turn supports your business growth.

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