As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market, Shopify is a cost effective, user friendly solution that enables brands to focus on business growth. Its innovative design also allows for easy integration of user generated content, including authentic customer reviews.
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There’s a lot of ways to leverage the benefits of a Shopify site. Shopify-specific agencies offer design, development and marketing support for Shopify and Shopify Plus, helping brands create customised solutions that drive conversions.

There’s also a mass of 3rd party add-ons and extensions that can enhance the capability of your store - covering everything from sales and marketing to shipping and inventory management.

This includes the integration, by far one of the most popular of the many integrations available to our customers.

How to Get Reviews on Shopify

The Shopify plugin is super easy to set up. It fully integrates with your ordering system, automatically sending review invitation emails to all your customers.

The added bonus is that we’re also an official Google Licensed review partner - this means we’re licensed to send verified reviews to Google for you. So as well as generating valuable content for your Shopify store, you’ll also get stars against your AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns, significantly increasing click through rates. If you collect company reviews, you can boost your profile even further with Google Seller Ratings.

To get set up, follow these quick and simple steps:

  1. Sign up with
  2. Head over to the integration page and install the Shopify plugin to your site.
  3. Use the Shopify plugin to create your own customised review collection email, fully aligned with your branding for maximum impact.  

The Benefits of Product Reviews

Product reviews are a highly trusted source of information for consumers. Good quality reviews give shoppers an insight into the experiences of past customers, both in terms of the products they purchased and their interaction with the company in question.

They also bring a number of associated benefits:

  • Increase Google visibility - with Seller Ratings and stars you’ll stand out from your competition
  • Better customer experience - reviews add a valuable element to the buyer journey
  • More traffic to your site - a strong reputation on Google drives click through rates
  • Increased trust and loyalty - reviews show how you operate as a business, encouraging both customer acquisition and retention.

Reviews give an unbiased opinion on what a brand has to offer, and are proven to be highly influential to purchase decisions. When your customers know how to write a good product review, and you encourage them to do so, you make use of the best sales tool at your disposal.

How to Show off Your Review Score

There’s multiple options when it comes to review publishing, and a good strategy makes use of a number of different approaches.

For product reviews, the best place to showcase them is on the relevant product page. If a customer arrives via a Google Shopping campaign, this is exactly where they’ll land, so it makes sense to give them the information they need right at the point where they’re ready to make a purchase. We have a range of widgets available to suit every design of Shopify site.


Company reviews will be showcased on your profile, and you can also distribute them to other 3rd party collection sites. To further boost your reputation, add the Trust Badge to your home page or footer to show off your review count and average star rating.



Whatever it is you’re selling, product reviews on your Shopify store will drive conversion rates, whilst company reviews will elevate your presence and reputation. Only by working with a Google Licensed partner can you reap the benefits of maximum online exposure.

To see your Shopify store grow through word of mouth recommendations and stars in Google search results, sign up for a free trial today.

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