Our growing list of technology partners just got a new addition in the form of Dotdigital. This customer engagement platform transforms data into personalised, cross-channel brand experiences - and our seamless integration brings review data and UGC into the mix.
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Dotdigital’s solution enables a business to craft intelligent communications, all based on the unique personal, behavioural and transactional data of each of its customers. On-site content, retargeting and paid ads, email campaigns, SMS - it gives eCommerce brands the tools and data driven technology to achieve profitable engagement. 

What our latest integration means is that, if you’re a user of both platforms, you can now push events and review data into your Dotdigital account. And that means you can build more insightful, higher converting campaigns.

What Exactly Does the Integration Bring to Your Marketing Efforts?

First off, how does it work? You can pair the platforms up in three main ways. One option is to use it as a standalone integration, where all review data collected through us is sent to your Dotdigital account. The second is to use it in a sequence built with our Flow tool. Here you can pick and choose the data you want to transfer. For example, you may set a condition to only send positive reviews to Dotdigital. 

Data transfer applies to both product and company reviews, and includes the review rating, comments, date created, order reference, and any attached photos or video. For product reviews, it also includes the name and SKU of the product in question. 

With this valuable data now in your Dotdigital account, you can use it to:

Better understand the customer - review data adds greater depth to purchase data. Not only do you know what a customer bought and when, you know what their post purchase experience was like. You can use that to build a better relationship moving forward, encouraging loyalty and increasing LTV by recommending additional products that fit with their wants and needs. 

Trigger a responsive email sequence - off the back of every review submitted, you can automate an email sequence through Dotdigital that is relevant to that customer. Say they leave a 2* review for their purchase - you can send a support email to win back their interest in your brand. Glowing 5* review? Thank them for their feedback and use Dotdigital’s AI-driven product recommendations to prompt another purchase. 

Strengthen campaigns with social proof - use dynamic content blocks to pull through relevant reviews that support an email campaign's purpose. For example, build trust with company reviews in a welcome series, or add product specific reviews to a cart abandonment email. You can also use our Social Proof Editor to turn your best reviews into visually impactful graphics, then push them straight to your Dotdigital image library.   

Third, the latest update to the integration is the Dotdigital's ‘EasyEditor’ extensions which allow joint users to drag REVIEWS.io content blocks straight into Dotdigital emails & landing pages. Integrating with our platform, merchants can provide a hyper-personalized customer experience. From implementing review badges, review nuggets, a review rating bar heading banner, and a UGC gallery in Dotdigital marketing campaigns, mutual clients can drive engagement & revenue through the power of reviews & UGC.

Essentially, the integration aids better segmentation, and brings the power of customer reviews into your marketing communications.

“The new integration with REVIEWS.io gives brands another creative tool through which they can retarget users based on their recent experience with their brand. We pull first-party review data and review-powered UGC into Dotdigital so campaign flows and creative can be automated off the back of any given review score."

Steve Shaw, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Dotdigital

How to Set Up the Dotdigital Integration

To get going, you’ll need active accounts with both solutions. You’ll then need to create an API user in Dotdigital. Once that’s done, head over to our Dotdigital integration page and simply enter the API details. As always, our support team is on hand if you need any help. 

What the team at Dotdigital has done is create an innovative and intuitive platform, all whilst maintaining a user friendly design. That mirrors our own approach, and we think the two solutions together make for a powerful combo.  

It’s also the first carbon neutral accredited cross-channel marketing platform, making it a great choice of ESP for sustainably focused brands. If you fall into that camp, you’ll want to check out our integration with Greenspark too.

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