Are you an eCommerce marketer looking to drive conversion rates with targeted, impactful, data driven email campaigns? You’ll want to know more about how our latest integration feature can help.
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If you’re not familiar with Klaviyo, it’s an email marketing platform designed with online businesses in mind. Think Mailchimp, but with ten fold functionality and performance.

If you’re already a Klaviyo user, you’ll know it’s intuitive, powered by data, and allows you to streamline the process of engaging an audience with relevant, personalised content.

So what are the benefits if using it in conjunction with

4 Key Functions of The Klaviyo Integration

Function 1: Review Sync

Our Klaviyo integration allows you to support automated email campaigns with valuable social proof by adding product ratings and reviews to your communications.

Feedback collected through can be organised into custom groups and tags. When you come to create an email campaign, simply add filters to the content to embed relevant customer reviews.

Have a Klaviyo Flow for cart abandonment? Place product star ratings and review counts in your follow up email to boost conversion rates.

Product recommendation campaigns? Pull in item specific 5 star reviews that do all the talking for you.

Function 2: Email Sync

No more juggling two separate platforms. Send all your marketing emails, including review requests, directly through Klaviyo.

It’s all automated. As soon as a qualifying purchase is complete, an email invitation is triggered. And since you’re using a single platform, you can ensure consistent brand identity across all your emails by using custom templates or Klaviyo’s template builder.

Not only that, all your marketing data and analytics will be in one place. Streamlined reporting means better insight, better communication, and better customer satisfaction.

Function 3: Event Sync

Connect with customers at an opportune moment and respond to feedback accordingly with triggered emails based on events.

You can easily build a Klaviyo Flow based on events linked to your account. So, if a customer leaves a 5 star review, you can send an automated thank you, a friend referral request, or an additional product recommendation.

Unhappy customer? Create a specific flow for 3 star reviews or below with emails that offer information on customer support, or a form of compensation like a discount voucher.

Function 4: Customer Data Sync

Every marketer knows the importance of creating consumer profiles and using them to drive content. With our Klaviyo integration, you can import customer information gathered through to create finely tuned audience segments.

This allows you to send highly targeted ad campaigns and personalised recommendations based on past review data.

And of course, you can support these with conversion driving social proof in the form of product ratings and reviews.

3 ways integration further supports review collection


By listening, collecting, and storing important information Klaviyo helps drive growth by building strong relationships with customers. integration further helps strengthen customer relationships by adding segmented review attributes to customers’ profiles.


To help analyse and uncover trends and opportunities, resources are needed to accelerate your business' growth through gaining deeper customer insights. Using data, dynamic segmentation of customers are enabled to identify early adopters of your business based on reviews and UGC.


Communication can be more personal and in-depth, after thoroughly getting to know your customer’s true insights allowing you to stand out from any competition. social proof integration allows you to engage with customers and develop brand trust through pre and post-purchase communication using insights collected from existing customers. and Klaviyo - Marketing Made Easy

Good marketing should improve the overall customer experience and keep them coming back to your online store for more.

By collecting authentic customer reviews and incorporating them into your wider marketing efforts, you can drive conversion with social proof, add additional touchpoints to the customer experience, and use consumer data to drive targeted content, especially with a platform as powerful as Klaviyo.

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If you’re wondering how to add Google Reviews to your website, you’ll need to make sure you’re using a collection platform like, and that you add an appropriate widget, or have an automated review invitation set up. You can create a free trial account with to get started with this. Once you’re up and running, you can use our seamless integration with Klaviyo to implement an email marketing strategy that takes your business growth to the next level.

If you’re already a client with, head on over to our integration page to start your data driven email marketing strategy today.

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