With Google being the number one for search queries, make the most of your reviews and leverage your business' visibility in the SERPs using our Local Reviews solution.

Google is one of the most powerful, and most widely used search engines on the web, therefore it's salient your business not only appears at the top of the listings, but also appears with the bright reputation you've worked so hard to achieve. Getting into this favourable position and maintaining that reputation can seem daunting, but with a solid review strategy with a trusted review platform, it can be as simple as a few clicks

This blog will cover your reviews which appear in Google, including; your Google Ads, Google Local and Facebook reviews, plus multiple other channels online, and how your business can take control to leave your customers well-informed, and your brand and reputation secured for maximum visibility in the SERPs.

Google statistics

Globally, over 48% accessed the internet and made a search each day, with Google alone processing over 40,000 queries. This figure equates to 3.5 billion daily searches on Google, which boils down to over 6,000 searches every second. Due to this colossal usage, getting your company and therefore your reviews into Google is imperative to help build trust, drive traffic, conversion and sales.


Google Ads

The first way you can influence your company in the SERPs is through the use of Google Ads. Google Ads can appear at the top and near the bottom of searches, and help promote your company over others in the results. However, your Google Ads aren't being used to their full potential if you're not displaying your review score in them. This score is known as your Seller Ratings, which Google themselves even recommend applying.

Your ads aren't as prominent as they could be if you used Seller Ratings. Seller ratings are automated extensions that help highly rated advertisers stand out. Gathered from reputable sources that aggregate business reviews, Seller Ratings show with Search Network and Google Shopping ads. You can get reviews to build your Seller Rating by signing up with Seller Ratings services.

As Google state, to utilise these beneficial Seller Ratings, your reviews need to be collected with a Google Licensed Review Partner, such as REVIEWS.io. With your Seller Ratings now appearing alongside your Google Ads, your business stands out head and shoulders above competitors, because your stars cement social proof.

If an individual can instantly see your favourability and reputation as a seller, they're more well-informed over other results in the listings, trust is established which help promote traffic to your site. With your reviews also on-site, customers are able to garner greater information, and with the presence and interaction of your reviews, research has found those individuals spend 11% more!

Already your visibility within Google SERPs through your reviews has demonstrable effects. But that's just the beginning!

Mixed messages

However, not all your ratings which appear in Google searches may be as shining as your Seller Ratings. Your Seller Ratings are created through your Company Reviews, which Reviews.io sends in a feed to Google. Your ratings are therefore created by the reviews left by all your customers you've invited to leave a review, through your invitations. These reviews are from genuine customers, and convey honest experiences with your business.

In one single search, a company's Seller Ratings may appear gleaming next to their company name, but in a large box to the right of the SERPs, potentially through no fault of their own, their rating may leave a lot to be desired.

Google Local

The box in which I'm referring to is Google Local. Here you can see photos for that company, a map of your local area where that business is located, the star rating and the number of reviews left there, as well as information such as their opening hours and phone number.

If a general search is made, a map of the local area is displayed again but this time with multiple businesses tagged with pins within that location. Below that is a list of the businesses seen on the map, along with a picture, some information, and importantly those star ratings and the number of reviews.

It's those ratings which stand out on screen, and the difference of half a star can really matter, let alone a poor rating. The difference between these reviews, and the reviews that contribute to your Seller Ratings is that anyone with access to the internet can leave one for your business here.

Reviews left organically such as this tend to be more negative, or even unsubstantiated, which only harm the good reputation you've built. With a customer making a search, they see your stellar 4.5 star Seller Ratings, but in that same breath they see your Google Local rating, which might be a meagre 2 stars.

This contradiction leads to distrust of all your hard-earned reviews, reducing your click-through rates and damaging not only your branding, but your sales also.

Reviews.co.uk have the solution

We believe that all of a company's searches across the web should be emphasised by customer feedback, and these ratings which appear in the Google SERPs shouldn't be compromised by reviews left out of their control to remedy.

Google Local

We enable companies to not only collect their Company and Product Reviews through invitation emails which are displayed on their webpage, but also send a percentage of those customers to leave reviews in places such as Google Local, Facebook, Tripadvisor and many more!  This can be done using our Local Reviews solution. These Local Reviews can also be displayed on your site using our widgets, which enhances your review visibility, and can direct customers easily to all your Local Reviews, promoting transparency and trust.

With customers being directed to leave a review on Google Local, your genuine reviews help to build up your ratings here creating consistency online, and your customers' purchase decisions well-informed helping to reestablish that trust, and grow your sales.

Not only that, but our clever system only directs your customers with a Gmail email address to leave a review on Google Local, meaning less review friction, greater review conversion and none of your invitations wasted.


Your customers can also leave a review for you on Facebook, which also appears in the Google SERPs. With over 1 billion daily active users, and 1/3 of those engaging with brands, this community is an influential platform to engage your customers with your business, or you could see it tank in the SERPs.

Similarly to reviews being directed to Google Local, with our Local Reviews solution you can direct your customers to leave a review on Facebook. This helps bolster your rating on this channel, and make use of that globally known name in the results pages.

Other Local Review sites

Although this post focuses on your reviews in Google and thus Google Local and Facebook, you really can see your reviews 360º online. You can also collect Local Reviews on Tripadvisor, Amazon, Auto Trader, Yell, Houzz, Check-a-Trade and Yelp. So whatever your business needs, we've got you covered.

Your review invitation percentages can be easily changed, not only between your own website collection, but also between multiple local review sites if you have more than one active. Alternatively, our system can take care of your Local Reviews, halting or engaging such collection if you reach or dip below a certain amount of reviews on that channel.


As initially stated, its so simple yet hugely beneficial to get your reviews in the Google SERPs and across the web, yet without such management inconsistency harbours distrust.

At REVIEWS.io, we help put your business in greater control of all your reviews, to ultimately secure your reputation and boost your online visibility. Achieving a uniformed score which accurately represents your company, and utilising your reviews to their full potential, you benefit your customers and your business tenfold seeing improved traffic, conversion and revenue.

To feel the advantages of REVIEWS.io's unique Local Reviews solution, sign up to a free trial today, or for more information on our features and solutions, head to our homepage by following the highlighted link.

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