3x more effective than email requests, inviting your customers to leave a review for your products or services is a piece of cake thanks to our latest upgrade, SMS Quick Invites, now free to all REVIEWS.io clients.
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As a next-generation review platform, the REVIEWS.io mission is a simple one – to make the collection and publication of valuable customer feedback as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve updated our SMS review collection process by launching SMS Quick Invites, simple to use review collection feature that allows you to request reviews by text in a few easy steps.

This innovative solution is now included at no extra charge on all of our pricing plans, and we’re proud to announce that we’re the first major review platform to offer such a feature as standard.

Using SMS Quick Invites

We like to keep all our features as user-friendly as possible, and this new release is no exception. If you’re not already a REVIEWS.io client, create an account today and take advantage of our free trial period. Once you’re up and running, all it takes is five simple steps:

  1. Log in to your REVIEWS.io dashboard
  2. Select the quick send paper plane  and switch from email to SMS
  3. Add your custom message, which needs to include [link] that dynamically links to your company collector page
  4. Input the customer details
  5. Send the invitation

Video: User Guide for Quick Invite in Dashboard

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to request, collect and publish customer reviews directly onto your website with SMS Quick Invites.

Why SMS Review Collection?

As with all our solutions, we developed SMS Quick Invites in direct response to client frustrations. Our email review invitations are fantastic for automating the collection of customer feedback – they’re quick to design, easy to use and fully customisable to match your brand identity. But we found that some of our clients required a faster turnaround than email typically delivers. That’s where SMS comes in. Not only are text invitations almost instant in terms of delivery, but the conversion rate on SMS is also on average 3x higher than email requests.

SMS invites are also a great way to collect image reviews since the whole process is simple for the customer to complete on one single device. If it’s products you’re looking to market, image reviews are a powerful way of bringing them to life for potential buyers.

So why don’t we JUST use SMS? As with most things, it all comes down to cost. Each SMS review invites you to send costs you money, and to collect all of your reviews in this way would not be cost-effective.

We’ve solved that problem by including a set number of SMS Quick Invites on each of our monthly plans at no extra cost. And if you choose to, you can easily add more SMS credits to your account by contacting us to discuss an add on package.

We advise our clients that the best review collection strategies are those that include a good balance of email and SMS requests. The latter will bring you more conversions with a faster turnaround, whilst the former will allow you to run an ongoing, cost-effective, automated collection campaign.

How Can Reviews Impact Your Business Decision Making?

So, now you have a super-easy way of collecting reviews, how should you be using them? The most obvious answer is for marketing purposes. But feedback can do so much more for your business growth. In a recent Study with Nursem Skincare, listening to the voice of the consumer, you can use reviews to inform better business decisions in terms of product development, operational activities and customer service.

Ultimately, reviews are your gateway into the minds of your target market – a way for you to drive your business in the direction your audience is looking for.

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