A well crafted flow sequence can take your marketing efforts to the next level, bringing greater ROI through customised, automated, data driven campaigns. That’s why you’ll now find flow functionality built right into the REVIEWS.io solution.
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It’s part of our recent update to the REVIEWS.io dash, and it’s designed to both simplify and supercharge your review collection strategy. 

What is Flow?

REVIEWS.io flow is a powerful tool that allows you to design unique email sequences for more effective review collection. It’s all based on your choice of trigger events and time delays, so sequences can be built entirely around your business needs. 

What this means is that you can create a very specific, personalised experience for each customer. You can send automated review requests at the ideal moment, with additional follow ups triggered by the actions of the recipient. The customer has a more valuable journey with you, and in return, you enhance your review collection ability. 

Essentially, flow is your key to effective communication. It makes it easy to initiate and build relationships with personalised content, generate higher volumes of social proof, and accelerate business growth. But don't just take our word for it...

Flow is a very smart way to communicate to your audience at the right time with the right message.

Tom Jeffery, Managing Director, Wave Spas

The Benefits of Flow for Your Business

Because you can build customised sequences, the beauty of flow is that it’s beneficial in whatever way you need it to be. Here’s some key ways you can use it to your advantage:

Cater for different time zones - flow is an awesome tool for anyone with an international customer base, because it allows you to set sending conditions based on geographical location. For example, two customers buy the same product on the same day, one based in the UK, one based in Australia. With flow, you can account for the different shipping times and time zones, ensuring both customers receive a review invite when most appropriate - boosting the chances of conversion. 

As a case in point, Abbott Lyon have increased review conversion by 78% with a location specific split flow campaign. Invitations flows are set with a five day time delay for customers in the UK, and a 14 day delay for customers elsewhere. They’ve also added an important layer that follows up on review requests not completed - which leads us to our next key benefit…..

Send strategic follow ups with triggers - triggers make it easy to carry on the conversation, specific to the customer experience. If they leave a 4* or 5* review, that follow up can prompt them to add images or video content, targeting those most likely to submit quality UGC. if they leave 3* or less, that follow up can include support information to help resolve their issue and re-engage them with top notch customer service.

Save time without losing personalisation - one of the major pitfalls of automation is that messages can become generic, detracting from rather than adding to the customer experience. That’s not the case with flow. Communication is all based on the actions of the customer, so everything they receive feels personal. It’s efficient for you, engaging for them, and helps to build a stronger connection between brand and consumer. 

Of course, you’ll need to get that communication spot on before switching it to autopilot. Here, a manual approach can lead to smarter automation, so we recommend experimenting the old fashioned way first to make the most of flow’s capabilities.  

How to Use REVIEWS.io Flow Sequences

As with every new feature we release, flow is designed to be user friendly and intuitive. All you need to do is decide on the goals of your sequence, then drag and drop the right steps, templates and time delays into the required order. 

. To set up a basic flow, navigate to ‘Flow Sequences’ in your REVIEWS.io dashboard, and take the following steps:

. Click on ‘Create first sequence’

. Add a time delay - the time you wish to leave between purchase and review request, e.g. 7 days

. Add ‘Send email invitation’

. Select the type of review (i.e. company and/or product) and the email template you wish to use

. Hit ‘Activate’

Your first basic flow is now complete and live. More complex flows can be created by adding customised Yes/No conditions, further time delays, and additional email templates. You can learn more in our support article on how to create a flow sequence.

How Other Platforms Use Flow Sequences   

There’s a couple of reasons we created flow. One, because our customers wanted more control, and two, because we’ve seen proof of how well sequences work with platforms like Klaviyo. 

As a data driven marketing solution, Klaviyo’s version of flow is all about connecting with subscribers and customers throughout their entire lifecycle. With triggers like price drops, lists, segments and metrics, brands can create personalised experiences for every customer through both email and SMS - developing loyal relationships whilst benefiting from the efficiency of automation. It works particularly well for eCommerce brands as part of a best-of-breed solution, adding relevant UGC to flow sequences and integrating loyalty programmes.

Why Use REVIEWS.io Flow Sequences?

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with review collection, and flow is another big tick in the box. It offers increased efficiency, increased return, and gives you greater control for managing your online reputation. 

And when you combine it with other features like video reviews, reviewer attributes and our social proof editor, you’ve got yourself a winning strategy. Sign up to REVIEWS.io to use these features, along with a host of integrations to drive business success through brand loyalty, trust and communication. 

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