The call to support local has never been more relevant than right now. For small bricks and mortar business owners, since 2020 it has been an ongoing battle with changing restrictions, and many have had to diversify or face the heartbreaking reality of closure.
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So how can we play our part in protecting the small businesses we love?

Just look at how much one sale means to a small business during these challenging times, to help them afloat we need to not only appreciate the services they provide but we also need to think outside the box and up our fame when it comes to supporting the local.

How You Could Lend A Hand To Help Out?

Most of us have something to offer that could prove a valuable asset to a small business owner. And with social lives restricted, you might also have a lot of free time on your hands.

If you have the skill set, you could consider volunteering your time to help local businesses adapt and build a presence online, be it through social media or an eCommerce extension to a physical store. Web development, graphic design, photography, social media strategy - they’re all skills that could really help local businesses, since many of them don’t have the capital to pay out for professional services right now.

Why Engage With Their Social Media Content?

If there’s one thing we’re all able to easily offer, it’s free exposure. By engaging with their social media content, you help small businesses reach a much wider audience.

Most have boosted their social media efforts this year, sharing critical business updates like temporary closures or changes to hours and services. And retailers without eCommerce functionality are marketing products on Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing this content with your own network takes a matter of seconds, but it means the world to a small business owner, giving them greater reach and greater potential.


How Leaving A Review Can Help Businesses?

If you’ve seen Google’s latest ad campaign for local reviews, you’ll know what they can do for a small business.

It’s a sad fact that most of us will only leave a review unprompted if we’ve had a negative experience. But now’s definitely the time to remedy that and start sharing our positive feedback. In doing so, we give other consumers greater insight into the quality of products and services available locally, helping them make informed decisions.

Even better, when these positive reviews are shared across social platforms, they create a community of loyal customers, supporting small business owners in generating engagement and trust.

In a nutshell, more reviews means more stars, increased local business visibility and a trusted reputation.

Have you shopped with a local or independent business lately? Why not lend a hand and share your experience by leaving them a review.

Why You Should Support Small Businesses?

  1. They create jobs
    Small businesses are the primary source of local employment opportunities. Without them, people looking for first time experience or work within the community would be limited in their options. Small businesses also tend to offer a better employee experience than their larger counterparts, making for a happier workforce and better customer service.
  1. It’s good for the local economy
    Small businesses keep money in the community and contribute to local development. They also help bring money ib for independent shops, pubs and restaurants like Rosas Café, which is Marbella cafe that depend on the feedback as a tourist attraction.
  1. They offer a great customer experience
    That’s not to say the major chains or online retailers don’t, but there’s something much more intimate about buying from a local business. Owners are personally involved and more intent on meeting customer needs, not sales targets. Unlike major retailers and chains, they’re also able to tailor their products or services to suit the needs of the community.

How To Create The Best Experience For Your Local Businesses?

Whatever your own situation, we can all find ways to help out small businesses. And of course, if you feel comfortable doing so, one of the best things you can do right now is to show your support by buying local, helping to get our high streets back better than before.

At, we’re building a community of trusted brands through the collection of honest, authentic feedback. We aim to create a platform built on total transparency, encouraging business to learn from and respond to negative reviews as well as celebrating the positive.

We’re committed to creating the best possible experience for both the consumer and the businesses that trust us to collect reviews on their behalf. If you want to know more visit our local reviews page for more information or contact our support team via live chat.

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