Shoppable UGC is one of the hottest trends in eCommerce marketing right now. Catering to the demand for authentic, relatable content and a frictionless shopping experience, it engages, inspires and drives more consumers to the point of purchase. It’s also incredibly easy to create and share with our brand new UGC Gallery and Publishing feature.
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What this latest tool offers is a simple way to gather images and video from the most influential content creators around - your happy customers. You can then transform that content into shoppable galleries to push at key points in the buyer journey.

There’s huge scope with this one to really boost conversion rates, so let’s dive straight in and look at its full capability.

What is the UGC Gallery and Publishing Feature and What Can it Do?

Simply put, our developers have built you a user friendly, intuitive content aggregation tool so you can easily collate UGC from multiple sources:

Photo and video reviews: this is content you can collect directly through If you already use our platform you’ll know we have multiple features that help you generate higher volumes of UGC - including our Video First tool, geared specifically toward video reviews.

Instagram content: the tool will also collate any Instagram content in which your brand is tagged or mentioned. You can then use our one click automated system to connect with the creator and request content rights. 

Upload your own content: along with UGC, you can also upload your own photos and videos - whether they be employee generated or polished product imagery. Essentially, you have the ability to build a one stop library of both brand specific and user generated content pulled from all available sources.

With all your UGC gathered in one place, you can make it shoppable, tagging multiple products per image or video all matched by SKU. Then use our versatile publication tools to showcase relevant, shoppable content across your store and in email campaigns.

How to Sell More with Shoppable Galleries

So now we get to the really good stuff - how the UGC Gallery and Publishing feature can help boost your bottom line. There are a few key touchpoints where your UGC galleries can have real impact:

Add More UGC to Front of House.

Adding shoppable UGC galleries to your home page gives customers social proof and inspiration the second they enter your store.

If they’ve landed on the homepage, chances are they’re not entirely sure what they’re looking for, but with a shoppable UGC gallery of your most popular items you engage them in effortless product discovery. You also give them the seal of approval they look for from other customers. 

You can choose from multiple gallery layouts to suit your page design, and keep everything on brand with customisable fonts, colours, image spacing and CTAs. 

Key stat: on average, visitors spend 90% more time on websites that include UGC galleries.

On Product Pages

You might not think shoppable galleries belong on product pages, but they can be that last little push the customer needs, particularly when you add reviews attributes into the mix.

You can collect these with your image and video review, so when a customer clicks on a piece of visual review content they’re given context. For example, they can see the reviewer's height and body type against the fit of the product , as well as seeing how that product looks with their own eyes. 

You can also boost average order value by showcasing product variants or cross selling with cleverly curated UGC galleries.

Key stat: customers are 6 x more likely to make a purchase if the product page in question includes visual UGC.

In-Email Campaigns

Thanks to our recent Klaviyo integration update, you can embed dynamic shoppable UGC galleries right into your email marketing campaigns.

It’s as simple as choosing a gallery layout to match your email design, and using a drag and drop content block to add it to your template:

Abandoned cart: sell the customer the product experience with item specific UGC in abandoned cart emails and help convince them that the product in question does, in fact, belong in their life.

Welcome series: engage new subscribers by giving them a visible, authentic introduction to your brand and hero products. Show them the community you’ve built and inspire them to become a part of it.

Flash sales: spur more impulse purchases by having visible social proof and the ability to buy from right within the email.

Whatever the nature of the email, integrating UGC will enhance its performance.

Key stat: UGC in email marketing drives a 78% higher click through rate.

Grow Your eCommerce Brand with Shoppable UGC

The last few years have seen a phenomenal rise in the creation and consumption of raw, unpolished UGC - in equal parts owing to new phone technologies, the rise of platforms like TikTok, and months of social distancing that made content creation our new way to connect.

At the same time, the need for instant gratification entered the world of eCommerce, with consumers looking for a one click purchase process. Shoppable UGC galleries account for all of this, and are the bridge between content and conversion.

Make the most of this profitable marketing technique with the UGC Gallery and Publishing feature, available as a bolt on with all our competitively priced, contract free price plans.

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