Not all widgets are created equal. Some are limited and generic, with code-heavy, clunky design. Others are lightning fast and versatile, optimized for usability. As a customer you’ll find our reviews widgets tick all the right boxes - ease of use, speed, functionality and customization.
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The widgets you choose for your eCommerce store matter. They significantly impact the user experience by enhancing interactivity, personalization and product discovery. 

With the right widgets, you can display things like dynamic product carousels and social proof through reviews and ratings - features that not only make your website more user-friendly but also build trust and credibility, ultimately boosting conversion rates. 

Some widgets also offer valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies and optimize your website for better performance.

Two key things to look out for in the widgets you install are speed and customization. Speed ensures optimal user experience - reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement - whilst customization allows you to align widgets with your brand identity, create a cohesive store design and tailor functionality to meet the needs of your customers. 

What Makes Widgets So Good?

We’ve always prioritized speed with our widget design, and recently rolled out a global update across our extensive widget library - making each one even faster than before to ensure minimum impact on your site’s loading time. 

We’ve also introduced new customization options across the board, giving you more control over placement, look and functionality, whichever widget type you choose to install.  

And if you’re looking to add page elements that really drive conversion rates, we have some of the most innovative and powerful widgets on the market. 

Review Nuggets Widget

Detailed reviews are a great way to help shoppers make the right purchase decisions. But sometimes there's a snippet of the customer experience you really want to draw attention to - a word or phrase that sells a product or your brand at its absolute best.

That’s why we introduced Review Nuggets. This feature allows you to select key sections of review text - or ‘nuggets’ - and publish them using the Review Nuggets widget. You can position this right next to the ‘Buy Now’ button, ensuring your nuggets have maximum impact on purchase decisions.

We’ve recorded some really impressive results with this one - like for Ocushield, a brand that reported a 10.7% boost in revenue and a 13.2% increase in AOV just 60 days after installing the Review Nugget widget.

Customization options here include color, layout and typography, and you can choose whether you want each widget to display product reviews, store reviews, or both. You can also switch auto-scroll on or off, and set your preferred autoplay speed. 

UGC Widget

UGC is powerful stuff. It’s authentic, trustworthy and engaging, and helps to boost conversion rates by selling a visible product experience.

As a customer, you can collect and manage UGC in the form of photo reviews, video reviews, and Instagram content, and publish it with our versatile UGC widgets. These come in grid, collage, carousel and story carousel form, all of which can be customized to suit your brand identity and store theme.

You can set the number of images you want to display, and whether or not to include the Instagram logo. You can also aid effortless product discovery by publishing UGC as shoppable galleries.

The best part about it is you can install unique UGC widgets across your store, making them product specific, product related or brand focused depending on the individual page and your objectives. 

Session Replays and Analytics Widget

The majority of our widgets are built for review and UGC publication, but the Session Replays and Analytics widget is all about first-party data.

With this installed you can record, replay and analyze user sessions for a first hand perspective on how customers interact with your store. You can see what elements they engage with, spot where they experience friction, and track key events that influence their final purchase decision.

That means you can make the necessary adjustments to optimize the customer experience and secure more sales.

It also means you can better measure the ROI of your review and UGC widgets, with digestible session analytics where conversion rates and AOV are separated based on engagement with these page elements. 

Enhance Your Store Performance with Powerful, User-Friendly Widgets

All of our widgets are super easy to install and offer code free customization. And because we know how important loading times are to your sales, our developers have ensured lightweight design and consistently fast speeds across our entire widget library. To test out these user-friendly widgets, explore with our free trial.

With seamless integration and responsive support, our widgets help you do more with the reviews and UGC you collect, as well as measure their impact on sales. 

Drop us a line for any help with installation, or for one to on guidance on the right widgets to use and the right way to use them for your business goals.

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