If you're looking to improve your online reputation, boost your visibility online, or simply see greater benefits from your reviews, look no further. Reviews.io enables all businesses to achieve the above quickly, easily, and most importantly, affordably.

Manage reviews everywhere online, with REVIEWS.io's unique 3rd Party Reviews solution.

3rd Party Reviews inconsistency

Although review collection across your site alone can offer a whole host of rewards, if your review score isn't consistent across the web, that inconsistency can harbour distrust surrounding your Google Ads, Google Local and Facebook ratings in the SERPs.

If you're collecting reviews with a Google Licensed review partner, your Seller Ratings in your Google Ads may be radiant, which consumers instantly see in the SERPs helping to establish your position against a competitor. However, this great rating may not be represented across other channels appearing in that same search, such as Google Local, or Facebook.

Reviews on these channels can be left organically by anyone online, with research suggesting that reviews left naturally like this tending to take more of a negative nature; a platform for venting frustrations.

With a lack of control over these reviews, your company is unable to reach out and remedy complaints. Not only that, some reviews may be left unfairly with negativities unsubstantiated. This may feel like the darker side to review collection and the price to pay for all your other review benefits.

However, at REVIEWS.io we don't believe that's the case, and you can manage your reviews everywhere without having to make any sacrifices. You're able to have your cake, which is fun, and eat it too, which is even better.

Manage 3rd Party Reviews in one place

With REVIEWS.io's unique 3rd Party solution, companies of all sizes can benefit from directing their customers to these channels, thus taking back control of their online reputation.

The most influential channels are both Google Local and Facebook. With 3.5 billion searches daily and over 1 billion daily active users respectively, company searches appearing in Google results pages are highly visible, thus uniform and representative review ratings are integral.

We currently support Google Local, Facebook, Amazon, Tripadvisor, Yell, Houzz, Auto Trader, Check-a-Trade, Yelp - and more! - enabling your company collection across areas that matter most to you.

3rd Party Reviews is available across all our plans, meaning no matter what your budget, you're able to reach a wide audience leaving consumers well-informed, and your company's reputation secured. This in itself promotes trust, generating greater traffic to your site, conversion and sales! What's not to like?


Don't leave your company's reputation on the line - make the most of all your shining customer feedback by spreading that user generated content further afield, and manage your reviews everywhere through 3rd Party collection.

With a strong collection strategy by directing your customers to leave 3rd Party Reviews on the web, everyone is left smiling; from your customers, who can access your reviews anywhere they wish helping improve their purchase decisions; to your company, with your brand image positively cemented online, enabling greater revenue overall.

Visit our homepage today to check out our other beneficial solutions, or head directly to our 3rd Party Reviews solution to find out more. Alternatively, pop to the top of the page and sign up to a free trial today, and start seeing the benefits yourself.

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