If converting your customers is a struggle, you're striving to get more reviews, or just want to refresh your invitations, here are some tips on how to get your review invitation emails in shape to help turn buyers into reviewers.

Boost your reviews

This blog post will go over email content, including the subject line and body of the email; Sending your review invitation emails, looking at the best time, as well as reassigning and resending; And finally, testing your emails to hone the perfect invitation.

To get started, login to the dashboard and navigate to:

1) Invitations

2) Edit/Create Invitation Templates

3) Choose the template you wish to update

If you wish to completely start over, navigate to:

1) Edit/Create Invitation Templates

2) Create Simple or Create HTML

3) Choose which type of review you want to collect from the options

Email subject line

The first thing your customers will see when they receive an email from you is the subject line. If you come across as demanding, imply urgency to their response, or sound salesy, this'll kill your chances of a review, and you'll most likely end up in the spam.

You're not doing them a favour, they're doing you a favour, so asking a question with your company name in the subject line works nicely, such as:

Did you enjoy your purchase from (name of company)?

In the template you can change your subject line by navigating to:

1) Top row, Email Subject

2) Write your subject line

It opens up inquiry and comes across as interest. It gets the customer thinking, encouraging them to share their experience.

Email body

With your chances of customers opening your review invitation emails now improved, what you say next is equally important: Engage interest further and keep it personal. Again, don't come across as demanding, go in with the attitude that you would like your customer's voice on your product or services in order to improve.

After all, reviews not only showcase your company and/or products, but they potentially highlight overlooked areas that need changes for the better:

Hi (name), thank you for choosing to use (name of company), would you mind sharing your experience by leaving a review? We'd love to hear your thoughts, and so would other (name of company) users!

To change the body of your email navigate to:

1) The right-hand column, Body Text

2) Write your email

Like the example, keep your invitation short and sweet with an easily accessible link. If you take the work out of leaving a review, customers will be more inclined to leave one, and potentially leave one in the future also.

To add a link, navigate to:

1) The right-hand column, Collection Style

2) Choose your button

You can also customise the link you provide, by navigating to:

1) Call-to-Action Button

2) Write how you'd like to send customers to leave a review

3) You can also change the background colour of the button, as well as the text using the options


The way your review invitation email looks is as salient as the content. Solidify that piqued interest as soon as customers open the email. Your invitations can be made to match your brand, reinforcing that purchase and driving buyers to recall their experience, and therefore leave a review.

To personalise your invitation further, navigate to:

1) The right-hand column, Header & Logo

2) Click Change Logo, and upload a picture which represents your company

3) You can also align the header using the options underneath Change Logo

4) Lastly, you can navigate to Background Colour and change this also, to better match your brand


Another way to acquire more reviews down the line could be to offer a voucher for your products or services, or to be entered into a prize draw when a customer completes the review - a thank you, or form of appreciation for their time in leaving a review.

This does not incentivise reviews, it simply thanks customers for actually leaving a review, whatever its nature. (See Call-to-Action button above to customise your link).

Emailing your customers

Your content is locked-down, but when is the best time to send your invitations? Are you sending requests within an hour of purchase? Right before the weekend kicks off? Maybe you're asking 4 months down the line.

Time after purchase

With Reviews.co.uk you can set a time delay in your email template to help optimise review conversion. Research has found the best time to send a review request is 3-5 days after purchase, with the highest proportion of emails opened during the week.

To choose when to send your templates, navigate to:

1) The top row, Send Email After

2) Write the number of days before your invitation is sent

Reassigning and resending

Sometimes things slip through the net. Your customers may have seen the review invitation email, been happy and willing to leave a review, and then got distracted. It happens to all of us, we're all human, and our lives are busy.

A great way to boost review conversions is to gently ask your customers again, by reassigning and resending an email using a reminder template. We don't recommend re-sending too often, however, as this can hassle your customers, and damage conversion rather than boost it.

To create a new reminder email template, follow the steps at the start of this guide, including all the optimisation tips. You can optimise your subject line to something like:

How did we do? We'd still like your feedback!

Or, to reassign and resend a pre-existing template navigate to:

1) Invitations

2) Edit/Create Invitations

3) Make sure you only have the template active you wish to reassign

4) Navigate back to Invitations

5) Review Invitations History

6) Scroll to the bottom of the page, change the far right filter to Display 100 Results

7) In the top row change the Status filter to Not Responded

8) In the second row of the first column click the box to select all on that page

9) In the same row right next to the box you clicked, click the 3 horizontal lines

10) Select Reassign Template

11) Once you have reassigned the template, click the box to select all on that page again

12) Click the 3 horizontal lines and select Resend

Test your invitations

The final way to really cement your review invitations and boost conversion is to test them. You can have either multiple templates active, or you can test your invitations one by one - it's really up to you! But only creating one and sticking with it is a blind approach.

Even though this post aims to help you optimise your collection to see greater review conversion, if you don't test your invitations that template may grow stale. Similarly to your reviews offering you feedback on areas of improvement, your review invitation emails can do the same.

Blog summary

You can easily boost your review conversions by simply taking some time and optimising your review invitation emails. Make sure to:

  • Ask politely, don't demand a review
  • Personalise your email for your customer and company
  • Offer a coupon or discount as a thank you
  • Send your invitations 3-5 days after purchase
  • Reassign and resend if necessary
  • Test your templates to avoid stagnancy, and find a winner

Feel free to visit our blog for other advice and tips on how to boost reviews, or whilst logged into the dashboard visit the Support Center for further help.

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